Josho the Clown has been having a LOT of trouble getting people to warm up to him here in Ohio. Part of that has to do with his never being here, as he’s been off Kochsucking for “donations” almost since the day that ignorant Jethros elected him Treasurer. Part of it has to do with Josho having absolutely NOTHING to offer in his campaign, save for dredging up some incredibly vile charges made in a divorce case a quarter of a century ago. And, of course, some of it has to do with not only Josho’s incompetence, but the fact that he packed the Treasurer’s office full of his equally incompetent cronies-after he ran a campaign on “openness and integrity.”

But there are places that Josho will be welcomed, no matter how stupid, or incompetent, he may be.

The kind of a place that produced the thoroughly corrupt, religious wack job dolt we so stupidly sent to the Attorney General’s office, in spite of all we knew about his corruption, and his lack of interest in Ohio.

The kind of a place that sent a guy to the General Assembly that likes to roam the streets, drinking and driving, with children in the car.

Yeah, you know where I speak of. Beavercreek, where they like their politicians to be as corrupt, and as stupid, as they can possibly be. I’m sure Josho will cash in big there.


U.S. Senate candidate Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel will be in Beavercreek on Saturday for the opening of the GOP victory center. Mandel is running against U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, in November.

Republicans are setting up their ground game for the November election and the Beavercreek Victory Center located at 3297 Seajay Dr. is their latest office to open. Offices were opened in Lebanon and Centerville last week.

Josho’s office in Lebanon was also a good move, since Mussolini isn’t “conservative” enough for the Krazy Klanservative Klanbaggers of Warren County. Centerville isn’t a great deal different.


It’s hard to understand, but these are all places with as much money as there is stupidity. So Josho will collect big in those areas, and the vote for him will be huge.

It’s not going to be enough, but Josho can have himself a nice little ride, all expenses paid, before we send Senator Brown back to the Senate.


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