I have deliberately avoided posting on the ACA because (1.) I figured it would pass muster, since there are precedents all over hall for its most controversial provisions, and (2.) I was waiting for Klanbagger reactions to the upholding of the law once it came. The big surprise, for me, was the fairly ferocious reaction of John Roberts in his written opinion on the matter. I actually thought he’d uphold it (thought Kennedy would, too, and how stupid am I anyway?,) but I was struck at his near-belligerence in spelling out WHY he saw the law as Constitutional. I thought he’d be more conciliatory to the Klanservative Klanbagging Kochsuckers he was sure to inflame.

Well, you know, I am sure he thought the same thing I thought, and he decided that he didn’t need to be conciliatory at all. And he doesn’t; he’s right on this one. But he’s destroyed himself as a right wing hero, quite probably forever.

Hell, he’s driven them completely insane with this. I hope the guy considered THAT, too, and made sure he’s properly protected.


Is Chief Justice John Roberts the new David Souter?

That’s what some were claiming after the surprise news that Roberts had provided the key fifth vote to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Souter was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1990 by former President George H.W. Bush, but became persona non grata within the Republican Party for often voting with the court’s liberal wing.

Roberts, on the other hand, has been a reliably conservative vote since he was appointed as chief justice by former President George W. Bush in 2005. He was derided by Democrats for his role in the controversial Citizens United decision, which allowed super PACs to flood the political landscape with massive amounts of money.

The health care law championed by Obama was approved by Congress in 2010, although Republicans unanimously opposed the Affordable Care Act and called for its repeal. The law requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or face a penalty, and each state to create health insurance exchanges in case they can’t obtain coverage through a job.Twenty-six states filed lawsuits against the reform, arguing it is unconstitutional, which paved the way for the Supreme Court to intervene.

After Thursday’s stunning ruling, the sense of betrayal among conservatives was palpable.

According to Talking Points Memo, the photo caption on Roberts’ Wikipedia page was briefly changed to: “17th Chief Traitor of the United States.”

Republican Congressman Jack Kingston of Georgia went so far as to write on Twitter that he no longer considers Roberts a “friend.”

“With #Obamacare ruling, I feel like I just lost two great friends: America and Justice Roberts,” he said.

With “friends” like Jack Kingston, I’m not sure Roberts is any worse off for the loss.

The Stalinist rigidity of the Rushpubliscum Party demands 100% compliance with their agenda, and the Constitutionality of Acts of Congress is not to be considered when issuing a ruling. John Roberts is only the latest right-wing jurist to rule that the mandate was legal; some pretty hard-right winger Judges in the lower appeals courts have done the same thing. And each and every one of these well-known, absolutely right-wing Rushpubliscum Judges have been branded the new Lenin for not suddenly taking away a Federal prerogative that was clearly there all along.

What kind of a country have we become, where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has to take this kind of abuse from supposedly ideological allies, for ONE ruling that was clearly the correct one?

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