The picture on the left is, of course, from Birmingham, Alabama, back when “Bull” Connor was in charge of the police force, and firehoses were one of many tools he used for keeping them damned darkies in their place.

The picture on the right is Bull’s ideological daughter, Klan Brewer of Arizona, who has been thwarted in her efforts to change Arizona into West Alabama. But that doesn’t mean that Klanny Granny has to show a damned darkie any more respect than Bull did. Not for a minute.

See, Klan Brewer knows all about those damned darkies, and their agenda. She knows that they are all the same, they all think the same way, and they all want the same thing-to deprive the white folks of the privileges that Jesus Christ Himself bestowed upon them when they first arrived in by-God UHMUHRICUH. But Klanny isn’t going to just sit by and watch this ungodly abomination take place. She’s out there, telling people exactly what Obama and the rest of them damned darkies are up to.

They thought they’d sneak a fast one in on Klanny, trying to get the courts to say that we have to treat THEM as if they were regular people. Oh HELL no, not in Arizona they don’t.

Gov. Jan Brewer went on the radio after the SB 1070 ruling and told KFYI host Mike Broomhead that President Obama’s immigration policies are designed to improve his reelection chances by getting him the votes of illegal immigrants.

Not Latino citizens.

The governor of Arizona says that the president of the United States is encouraging people to cross the border and vote for him.

I’m not making this up. (Here is a link to the radio interview. The accusation comes during an answer beginning at about the 4-minute 30-second mark.)

When asked about her adminstration’s relationship with the Obama administration Brewer said in part:

“We have done everything we could think of to work cooperatively with them and they turn a blind eye to us. They’re not interested. They want chaos. They want a larger voting base as far as I’m concerned and they want the illegal immigration to continue. Not to even mention the fact that they have addressed the issue that you can register with the federal registration form that doesn’t even need documentation that you’re a citizen… Now they’ll have all the illegals and they can all do whatever they want and register to vote. Although it’s illegal if you’re not a citizen to register. But they’re not enforcing the law so what is going to happen to them? He’s looking for votes.”

Sounds to me like the governor is accusing the president of a crime. A conspiracy to commit voter fraud or worse.


This is, quite possibly, the stupidest thing I’ve heard a politician say in the last 10 years. This is a direct throwback to the warnings that giving those damned coloreds the vote meant that they’d be carting your lily-white daughter off tomorrah to breed and have a bunch of them mongrel kids. This is insulting, this is demeaning, and only the most vile of racist idiots would even dream of saying something so profoundly, incontrovertibly STUPID. Yeah, I know….. what else would I expect from someone who has been legally dead for a decade now? Her embalmers, in addition to doing a poor job, need to be fired for not wiring her ignorant jaw shut.

We should let them secede. But first, we need to build dams up the Colorado River capable of shutting off any flow to Arizona.

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