The payoffs are already beginning for Willard’s owners (sometimes called “donors” or “supporters,” both inaccurate descriptions of their status.) Considering we’re not even to the conventions yet, one can only imagine what kind of rewards will be waiting at the end of the rainbow, should Willard actually prevail.

One wonders if Charlie and David won’t have their own corner office in the West Wing. Or, perhaps Sheldon Adelson will be given some living space, so he won’t have to travel so far when he wants something done. The guy is getting up there, after all.


It was the kind of image Mitt Romney has sought to blunt during his campaign for president: a prodigious display of wealth.

At a private retreat this weekend, major Romney campaign donors quaffed 1927 Port they’d brought in for the occasion, mingled in the lobby of a posh resort called the Chateaux at Silver Lake and watched an aerial display of Olympic ski jumpers.

Billed as a “senior leadership retreat,” the three-day gathering in Deer Valley was a reward for the wealthy GOP donors who have fueled Romney’s fundraising, giving at least $25,000 each or raising at least $100,000 by June 18. Many of the more than 700 who attended had donated much more.

The campaign is counting on these supporters to raise $500 million of its $800-million fundraising goal, according to one top fundraiser. The retreat is part of a meticulous effort by the campaign to keep its biggest supporters personally invested in the candidate as he hurtles toward November.

“They’re our major investors,” a senior Romney advisor said, declining to speak openly because of the campaign’s desire for secrecy.


Note the description here: INVESTORS. If you INVEST in something, what do you expect?

That is correct. You expect a RETURN on your INVESTMENT.

Go ahead, “ABO” morons, Jump right on the Willard bandwagon. But be advised that your smelly asses will be cleared off right after election day. We wouldn’t want Willard’s cronies getting stink from the riff-raff, would we?

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