Newt may be a filthy whore, chasing dollars wherever he can find them, but Newt is far from the filthiest whore of them all.

That title belongs to Willard. As you can see, Willard is eagerly going after Newt’s sloppy seconds, a pattern I’m sure he repeats all over the place.

The Rushpubliscum Party is now infested with the best politicians a few billionaires can buy. Sadly, however, millions of idiotic voters still delude themselves that this clown would give a flying fig about what they think, or how they’re getting along.


The news that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is pumping $10 million into a “super PAC” backing Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney underscores how swiftly this campaign’s state of play can be affected by a single wealthy donor.


The contribution by Adelson – reported Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal and confirmed by The Times’ Washington bureau – comes after he and his family pumped $21.5 million into a super PAC that supported former House Speaker Newt Gingrich during the GOP primaries. The Adelson family effectively subsidized the entire Gingrich super PAC – their contributions made up 89% of all the money raised by Winning Our Future.


Now Adelson is poised to play a similar role for the former Massachusetts governor. With his check to the pro-Romney Restore Our Future, he instantly skyrocketed to the top of that super PAC’s list of mega-donors, which includes Texas home builder Bob Perry ($3 million) and Florida energy entrepreneur William Koch and his companies ($2 million). In all, Restore Our Future had raised $56.5 million through the end of April, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


Carl Forti, political director of Restore Our Future and a former Romney aide, declined to comment. A spokesman for Adelson did not return a call seeking comment.


Romney has courted the Las Vegas Sands chief executive since Gingrich dropped out, meeting with him privately last month during a fundraising trip to Nevada. Campaign finance reform advocates pounced on that, noting that candidates are not allowed to solicit more than $5,000 from donors to super PACs, which ostensibly operate independently of official campaigns and political parties.


“The ties between Romney’s campaign and super PAC are well documented and this example shows the fiction of contribution limits and the dominating role big money plays in our elections,” said David Donnelly, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “Romney personally knows big donors like Adelson and there is no question that they’ll expect a big return on their investment if he wins.”


And there’s no question he’ll GET a big return on his investment. But it’ll ultimately be a diminishing return, as more and more Americans no longer have the funds to spend in Adelson’s casinos. Adelson, like most of the filthy rich, has allowed blind greed to make him stupid, since any fool knows that no society can last long under the favored Rushpubliscum economic methods.

I guess it doesn’t matter to them. They’ve no doubt done like Willard and squirreled money away overseas, for the day they have to flee the torches.



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