Yeah, this is the guy who is such a STRONG leader, who will make everything right in this country ‘cuz he’s got the FORTITUDE to see us through rough times.

I’d like to examine this claim, if you have a minute to kick this around with me.

Willard claims that he’s got the strength and character to lead the United States. If  this is true, there are some things I don’t understand.

One thing I don’t understand is how Willard, being the upstanding moral character that he is, never seems to be able to take a position on any issue, and stick with it. If you dig deep enough, you can find Willard to be everything from a bleeding-heart liberal to a Klanbagger Konservative. And a whole lot of things in-between.

But there are other things bothering me, too. I have heard all my life that a man is known by the company he keeps. If that is the case, then how can Willard not want to distance himself from Ted Nugent? Nugent, as you will recall, pissed and shit himself for days before going before a Draft Board, to avoid having to serve in Vietnam. Nugent is also an admitted serial pedophile. And, to ice that cake, he said just lately that he’d be “dead or in jail” within a year of the President’s re-election. Would YOU hang out with Ted Nugent? I sure as hell wouldn’t. And yet, Willard seeks his approval.

Some people would reply, quite correctly, that Ted is only one guy.

And I would agree with them. But I’d also ask them to explain this.


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney isn’t taking a position on supporter Donald Trump’s return to the controversy over where President Barack Obama was born.

Romney said Monday evening that while he doesn’t agree with all the people who support him, he appreciates their help to get him at least 50.1 percent of the vote in November.

Romney’s comments come about 24 hours before appearing at fundraiser in Las Vegas that Trump is hosting.

Earlier this week Trump again stated that Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia. That view has been debunked repeatedly.


So, Willard is going to continue to pal around with THIS sleazeball too? REALLY? Willard hangs around with a pedophile who doesn’t know how to use the bathroom, and an afterbirther who sends everything he touches into a Bankruptcy Court. But Willard sees nothing here that might be at odds with his claim of having a strong character?

I don’t see a strong character. I don’t see ANY character.

I’m not sure Sherlock Holmes could find any evidence of Willard’s character, at this point.

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