“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

~Adolf Hitler, a name you may be familiar with.


The MSM has been shopping the “America is a conservative country” meme for the last 30 years. They do this for reasons which are easy to understand: as components of corporations, the MSM has one task above all others that it is required to fullfill, and that task is NOT to inform the public. Rather, that task is to make people believe that we’re all a nation of Bible-loving, SOSHEELESM hating right-wingers who see the rich getting richer as some kind of Godly reward, and the poor getting poorer as something the poor have done to themselves.

There are a lot of rather blatant ways in which our media does this (remember that anytime more than 3 Klanbaggers stood on a street corner, the MSM was there to video their stupid catechisms and misspelled signs,) but there are also subtle ways. One of the subtle ways that may slip under the radar of most people (and they are intended to do exactly that,) is by rigging a poll.

Depending on the way a poll question is asked, you can get almost any desired answer from any person. Let’s take a look at a great example of a rigged poll.


A Gallup poll released this week showed that the percentage of Americans who identify as “pro-choice” is at an all-time low of 47 percent, while 50 percent identify as “pro-life.” But does it really matter?


Most Americans still believe abortion should be legal, and the outrage over recent attempted rollbacks of women’s reproductive rights has sparked a new wave of activism among feminists online and off.


The anti-choice movement may be winning on labels, but they’re losing on the issues.


While the decreasing number of Americans who call themselves pro-choice is disheartening to hear—we’re one percentage point lower then the previous record low in 2009—only 20 percent of people polled think abortion should be illegal across the board. Fifty-two percent believe abortion should be legal in some circumstances, and 25 percent believe it should be legal in all cases. And when the polling questions are more nuanced than a simple dichotomous pro-choice/pro-life identification, the answers people give tell a much different story.


Research from the National Latina Institute on Reproductive Health, for example, showed that 74 percent of Latino voters agree that a woman has the right to “make her own personal, private decisions about abortion without politicians interfering.” Sixty-eight percent agreed with the statement, “even though church leaders take a position against abortion, when it comes to the law, I believe it should remain legal.”


And a 2011 study from the Public Religion Research Institute on young people’s attitudes toward abortion shows that asking simply about pro-choice vs. pro-life labels is misleading—43 percent of Americans identify as both. The study also showed that 56 percent of people polled felt abortion should be legal in all or most cases.


Basically, when researchers take the time to ask more complicated questions, they get more accurate answers. Reducing the nuance of women’s reproductive health and rights to a political label just minimizes the complexity of the issues and of people’s feelings about them.


Political identification is important, to be sure—headlines about Americans not calling themselves pro-choice is a cultural set back—but what’s more important is beliefs, votes and action. And nothing sends a clearer message about what Americans care about than the current backlash against the anti-choice agenda.


When women across the country raged against the Komen foundation after it tried to break ties with Planned Parenthood, it wasn’t just diehard pro-choice activists behind the action—women across the board were infuriated. And while pro-choice and feminist activists are leading the charge against Republican moves to limit women’s reproductive rights, it’s voters who are making the real difference.

Speaking of Komen for the GOP…. they inspired me to acquire what is one of my most prized possessions.


I’m happy to donate to PP whenever Komen pisses me off again, which is usually when some “Race for the Cure” splashes onto the local paper. The only “race” Komen is interested in is the race for every dollar they can grab, for things like Nancy Brinker’s whopping salary, and Rushpubliscum political candidates. They proved to us all how much they actually care about breast cancer prevention when they cut off funding to the #1 source of breast cancer prevention for women of low income.

Where were we? Oh, yeah…. who the hell is “pro abortion?” No one. Every person I ever knew wasn’t particularly gung-ho about abortion. But most of us also recognize that extremely personal decisions of this nature are not decisions that we can make for other people. I don’t want women to have abortions, but I also believe that the best way for my wish that women not have to resort to abortion is to thoroughly educate them about birth control options, NOT just “abstinence only” BS that completely ignores the reality of hormones. Oddly enough, I never hear any of these people who get their panties in a twist over abortions talking about education as the key to preventing them. Wonder why that is?

This may be the best example I’ve seen for awhile now of a question designed to get a particular answer. But it is far from the only poll of this nature that is out there; Assmussen does this kind of polling all the time, and their results ALWAYS favor the Rushpubliscums. And how many polls have we seen that talk about how “conservative” Americans are? The funny thing about those polls is…. if you start asking actual questions about what people think, rather than what labels they see themselves as, you find out that Americans ARE for healthcare solutions that get the private insurer out of the equation, and taxing the super-rich to pay for police officers and schoolteachers. Oddly, I never see headlines like THOSE trumpeted by the MSM.

Actually, there’s nothing odd about it. If they can’t change the way you think, then the next best thing is to convince you that everyone else sees it differently than you do. Maybe if they depress you enough, you won’t even bother to vote. And that’s great for the corporate agenda, because the idiots ALWAYS vote.

So do yourself a favor, and dig a little deeper the next time you see some poll trumpeting our “conservative” ways. Don’t let these hacks convince you that a whole lot of us don’t feel the same way you do.




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