I admit that I had never heard of Michael Fumento before, but that’s understandable; I tend to tune out wingers, since they all say the same thing.

So you will understand my delight in finding one who understands what a joke the Rushpubliscum Party has become.

This guy, as you will see, is no bleeding heart liberal. But he also understands that in the political climate that his party has created in the United States, he might as well be Fidel Castro.

He even invites you to call him Fidel. He knows, as you and I know, that all of us who don’t hew to the Stalinist ideological purity of the Rushpubliscum Party are ALL Fidels now.


Gosh! When did I end up in bed with Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber? Could it be because I did specialize in blowing things up while serving my country for four years as an airborne combat engineer? I also watched human beings blown up. I had friends and Navy SEALs I was in battle with blown up. My own intestines exploded on the first of my four combat embeds, three in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Took seven operations to fix the plumbing. I later suffered other permanent injuries.

Yet now I find myself linked not only with the Unabomber, but also Charles Manson and Fidel Castro. Or so says the Chicago-based think tank the Heartland Institute, for which I’ve done work. Heartland erected billboards depicting the above three declaring: “I still believe in Global Warming. Do you?” Climate scientists now, evidently, share something in common with dictators and mass murderers. Reportedly bin Laden was scheduled to make such an appearance, too.

You see, I’ve published articles saying I do “believe in global warming.” Yes, I’ve also questioned the extent to which man-made gases have contributed to that warming and concluded that expenditures to reduce those emissions would be as worthless as they’d be horrifically expensive. No matter; just call me “Ted.” Or “Charlie.” Or “Fidel.”

This is nuts! Literally. As in “mass hysteria.” That’s a phenomenon I wrote about for a quarter-century, from the heterosexual AIDS “epidemic” to the swine flu “pandemic” that killed vastly fewer people than seasonal flu, to “runaway Toyotas.” Mass hysteria is when a large segment of society loses touch with reality, or goes bonkers, if you will, on a given issue – like believing that an incredibly mild strain of flu could kill eight times as many Americans as normal seasonal flu. (It killed about a third as many.)

I was always way ahead of the curve. And my exposés primarily appeared in right-wing publications. Back when they were interested in serious research. I also founded a conservative college newspaper, held positions in the Reagan administration and at several conservative think tanks, and published five books that conservatives applauded. I’ve written for umpteen major conservative publications – National Review, the Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, among them.

But no longer. That was the old right. The last thing hysteria promoters want is calm, reasoned argument backed by facts. And I’m horrified that these people have co-opted the name “conservative” to scream their messages of hate and anger.


Click the link, and feel Michael’s angst. I feel sorry for him; he is as adrift as I am, even though we don’t see eye to eye on much of anything. As a traditional conservative, he’s as lost in this political climate as an old-school liberal like I am.

Think about it for a moment. Think about who they call “liberal” these days. Do any of these poseurs deserve the title? Pelosi? Hoyer? Wyden? Don’t make me laugh. Calling them “liberal” is a black eye for those of us who embrace the historical meaning of the term.

I’m as disgusted by this as I am certain Mr. Fumento is by the term “conservative” being applied to Limbaugh, Palin, and Vitter. Mr. Fumento and I are throwbacks, square pegs that can’t be fitted into any of the round holes anymore.

And I’ll tell you this much right now-we will all suffer for that. I’d love to sit down with Mr. Fumento and disagree about the best path forward. But I can’t imagine doing anything but ridiculing most of the so-called “conservative” leaders of today if I were to sit down with them.

You can’t have a dialogue with a cement block. And if we ever needed a dialogue, now is the time.


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