As remarkable as it seems to you and me after watching this lunatic so many years, Michele may have FINALLY done enough to seal her own fate. After all of her utterly stupid remarks, and her certifiable rants on GUBMINT cattle cars for Census participants, and her assertion that about half of Congress was socialist/anti-UHMUHRICUN, and her Welfare Queen acceptance of GUBMINT payouts for her farmland, Michele may have finally nailed her political coffin shut with her Swiss citizenship stunt. At long last, even the wingersphere has turned on her; she has been called a traitor, been likened to a bigamist, and demands for her resignation abound.

Yep, Michele is in a tight spot this time; a lot of the people who voted for her for President are feeling just a bit hornswoggled by her Swiss citizenship stunt, and they aren’t forgiving her for it. NO GIVESIES BACKSIES! has been their common roar, even though she tried to weasel her way out of what she’d done by renouncing her Swiss citizenship.

What can Michele do, then, to try to bring the inbreds and dullards who are her usual base of support back into the fold? She does have a Congressional election coming up and all that. Given the trick she pulled, and the anger she generated, it seems like it might be impossible to fix this one. Is Michele finally done?

Don’t bet the GUBMINT-subsidized farm on it. Michele has a plan.


The new district lines, announced in February, are described as a “major development” in the campaign.
“Their bias was so obvious they even gerrymandered my home – where my wonderful husband Marcus and I live – entirely out of my District and placed it into one held by a six-term Democrat incumbent!”
Here’s a look at the Minnesota Supreme Court Special Redistricting Panel that established the new congressional lines:
The panel was appointed by Chief Justice Lorie Gildea, who was named to her post by former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican. The presiding judge was Wilhelmina Wright, who was appointed to the Appeals Court by former Gov. Jesse Ventura, who ran as a Reform Party independent. Also serving was Hennepin County Judge Ivy Bernhardson, another Pawlenty appointee; Chief St. Louis County Judge James Florey, appointed by former Gov. Arne Carlson, a Republican; Chief Dakota County Judge Edward Lynch, appointed by the late DFL Gov. Rudy Perpich; and Minnesota Appeals Court Judge John Rodenberg, a Ventura appointee elevated to the Appeals Court by Gov. Mark Dayton.

Youbetcha. Michele has gone back to her normal whipping boy, that tried and true GREAT ENEMY that has sustained her ever since 2006, in spite of the fact that she is obviously off her frigging rocker. As with all other things, any problems Michele has right now are explained away by the presence of LIBRULS who want to cut her liver out, fry it, and eat it as an entrée (an aborted fetus being the main course, naturally.) And for some of her dullard supporters, that’s all the explaining necessary; if you click on the link to this article and go to the comments, you will see that Michele’s supporters are there to accept her explanation, like they always accept her explanations.

And that would be, of course, because LIBRULS are ALWAYS to blame. No matter what. For some of Michele’s worshipers, it is truly a case of IOKIYAR. Even if you’re planning on getting the hell out of the country that you, yourself, had a lot to do with gutting.


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