The people who continue to insist that this corporate-owned manure bag is a “libertarian” need to start paying more attention to the company he keeps.

And also….. listen to what he says. Kland Paul is the worst kind of scum.


Earlier today, Paul said if the Republican Party wants to grow, it needs to include supporters of his father who bring different views on certain issues.

“People talk about it being a big tent – having a big tent means bringing in the Ron Paul people. And if you do, your party will grow,” he said.

Drew Ivers, a Ron Paul campaign official in Iowa, called the changes “growing pains” that are offset by the benefits of growing the party. He said people new to politics can be “zealous” and don’t always understand customary procedures, but they will learn with experience.

Paul also spoke at an event sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a super-PAC that opposes President Obama’s green energy agenda.  A rival PAC protested the event in Des Moines.  Alec Johnson of CREDO, a San Francisco-based organization which is targeting Rep. Steve King, called it an effort by the oil and gas industry to “buy the election in this state.”

Paul said he wants to see the oil and gas industries grow in the United States, but not through government subsidies.  “What I would do would make the tax rates so low that you wouldn’t have to worry about specifically targeting industries,” he said.

Paul was sharply critical of President Obama, accusing him at one point of wanting to redistribute Americans’ wealth – or at least their vehicles.  “The president says if you’ve got three cars and I’ve got a moped, he’s going to come over to your house, take one of your cars and bring it to me.”

At the Iowa Faith & Freedom event, Paul mocked President Obama’s remark that his view on marriage was evolving.  “Call me cynical, but I didn’t think his views on marriage could get any gayer,” he said.


Could someone quote me where the President promised to redistribute cars? Is this part of the “evidence” uncovered by the Arpaio investigation?

Doesn’t matter. What should matter to anyone watching is that when this clown isn’t sucking Koch, he’s pandering to the Jesusistanis. And to ice this cake, he’s every bit the racist his dad is.

Just because a guy wants to decriminalize marijuana, does not make him forward-looking. Kland Paul is stuck in the worst part of the Dark Ages, which explains why he’s a Senator from Kentucky.

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