I speak for about 99% of us when I beg the good people of Switzerland for forgiveness.

Please understand that this white trash waste doesn’t represent even a scintilla of America. We’re embarrassed by her, and we think that if she’s going to go anywhere, it ought to be to a place like the one she’s worked so hard to create here. Some place like Haiti, or Myanmar.

I’d hope the inbreds of her District will understand what this means, but they won’t. So I’ll explain it after we read the story.


Michele Bachmann is now a Swiss citizen.

The Minnesota congresswoman and former Republican presidential candidate was recently granted dual citizenship, Bachmann’s office confirmed Tuesday night, according to CNN.

“Congresswoman Bachmann’s husband is of Swiss descent so she has been eligible for dual-citizenship since they got married in 1978,” spokeswoman Becky Rogness said in a statement. “However, recently some of their children wanted to exercise their eligibility for dual-citizenship so they went through the process as a family.”

And, according to an interview with Swiss TV, Bachmann, who is currently seeking a fourth term in Congress after her failed bid for the White House, is now also eligible to run for office in the tiny European country.


Some of her children wanted to exercise their eligibility? I wonder why? After all, doesn’t Michele insist that UHMUHRICUH is a Paradise because of all that “freedom” her kind has brought us? Don’t they piss and moan about the SOSHEELESM in Europe?

Her children aren’t fooled by her bullshit, by all appearances. They know what a train wreck Michele and her buddies have made of this country, and they’re preparing their exit. Just like a hell of a lot of the rest of us would, if we had the chance.

I just hope that her spawn don’t shit up Switzerland the way their mommy and daddy shit up America. But, if they do, I’ll bet Switzerland still institutionalizes the insane, rather than allows them to run for office.

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