This former Republican politician from Washington state explains why he cannot associate himself with the modern Rushpubliscum Party, which he calls Fascist in all but name.

I think you’ll agree with him.


Long ago and as a then-member of the reasonable Republican Party, I asked that substantial question, like most of America was doing. The problem was, however, our businesses weren’t planning to continue as well-run private enterprises. The money-hungry corporate mentality had set in and was determined to corrupt American dedication to “Country over Capital.”


They succeeded, and unfortunately my belief in Republican principles was polluted by money madness. Today the once-honored Republican contribution is diminished by its own members’ actions, and continued endorsement of policies detrimental to this country.


To vote with that kind of change isn’t consistent with a proper regard for the country once thought of as the shining city on the hill. To support policies aimed at causing further consolidation of power in corporate hands is folly of the highest level – equivalent in my mind to high treason.


The idiots blathering about running GUBMINT “like a business” should really stop and think about what that means.

If you ran Government like a modern-day big corporation, you’d get rid of the Social Security and Medicare “pension plans” in order to give yourself a huge bonus. You’d also slash benefits to the bare bones, while lavishing pay and perks on your pals on the corporate Board. And to ice the cake, you’d get as close to slavery as you could (and in some cases, use ACTUAL slaves) to produce your “products.”

You know, the Rushpubliscum Party really DOES want to run this country like a bloated corporation. The Ryan budget leaves no doubt as to that.


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