Yeah, he ain’t exactly pretty. But underneath the rough exterior lurk some pretty damned good ideas.

Francois Hollande got rid of a right-wing tool, and he’s bringing some common-sense ideas to the table. France has made the right move.

I wish we had a population educated enough to understand that it is not “punishing success” to ask those who make their living playing the stock market like a lottery to give a little more back. It punishes a work ethic to continue to reward gamers, while constantly asking more sacrifice from the honest worker. This isn’t SOSHEELESM per se; it’s plain old common sense.

Congratulations, France, for hitting the common sense road. Let’s hope many more do so in the near future.


François Hollande won the French presidential election on Sunday, capturing more than 51 percent of the vote to defeat incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and become France’s new president, according French television.

Sarkozy, who has held the French presidency since 2007, grabbed 48.1 percent, according to the polls.

Hollande, the 57-year-old socialist challenger, narrowly edged Sarkozy, also 57, in a preliminary election two weeks ago, but since he did not win with an absolute majority, France law required a runoff between the top two candidates.

Sunday’s victory means France will have its first Socialist president since since Francois Mitterrand, the country’s president from 1981 to 1995. In voting Sarkozy out of office, French voters expressed their discontent over Europe’s debt crisis.

French television declared the election for Hollande immediately after the polls closed Sunday. Moments later, Sarkozy told his supporters that he called Holland to congratulate him, and to concede victory.

“I take the responsibility for this loss,” Sarkozy said. “I’m ready to become a French person among French people, and more than ever I have the love for my country deeply ingrained in my heart.”

Hollande’s victory could have far-reaching implications on Europe’s debt woes. According to the Associated Press, Hollande has promised a 75-percent income tax on the rich and “wants to re-negotiate a European treaty on trimming budgets to avoid more debt crises of the kind facing Greece.”

Indeed, Hollande’s victory will be seen as a challenge to “German-dominated policy of economic austerity in the euro zone, which is suffering from recession and record unemployment,” the New York Times said.


Someone needs to challenge it. Angela Merkel is as much a disaster for Europe as the Rushpubliscum Party has been for America, if not moreso. In an era where the have-nots have nothing, depriving them of even MORE to give it to the rich is about the dumbest economic policy one could undertake. And undertake is the right word here; Merkel is the undertaker of the Eurozone, as Willard hopes to be the undertaker of the US.

I hope with this victory, the European patient shows new signs of life. As for the US, the patient will remain ill, whoever wins, because of entrenched Rushpubliscums and their DINO allies. It will, in all likelihood, take more pain here before people finally get the message.


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