For geezers like me, it doesn’t seem like 20 years have passed since the LA riots. But I guess 20 years really have passed. In that time, what did we learn?

Absolutely nothing. The same Lamers who created the conditions for the Los Angeles riots went right on with transferring the wealth of the entire country to the rich. Conditions are actually much worse now than they were then, when Rodney King served as a flashpoint for a generation of people with no hope, and nothing to look forward to.

The Clinton era was a small respite from the general trend, but the march toward a Plutocracy with plenty for a few has continued on. By pandering to the racism, greed, and homophobia of the post-WWII generation, the Rushpubliscums have managed to re-install themselves in power, and utterly gut the commons of this country. The number of poor and angry people has gone up exponentially, and the policies of the present Presidency have done very little to alter the conditions on the ground. We can argue whether or not Rushpubliscum obstruction is responsible for this (and I believe that it is,) but we cannot argue that this President had a golden opportunity a couple of years ago to begin changing course. All that was required was to allow Chimpy’s goody bags for the rich to expire.

We didn’t do that. And to make it worse, the present Administration has gone along with a lot of the Rushpubliscum austerity agenda, which is certain to make any future crash much worse. As a matter of fact, we can see right-wing austerity being played out right now, in places like London, Athens, and Madrid. As the Eurozone returns to recession, so shall we. And when our riots come (and they WILL come,) I suspect that some of them will make what we’ve seen happen in Athens and London look like gentlemens’ disagreements. There is just about no hope that Washington will respond correctly to what is coming, because Washington is full of people who don’t know, and don’t CARE, about what is happening in their hometowns. And thanks to a whole lot of people sitting on their hands in 2010, a lot of states are now dealing with Klanbagger Governors, who are even more hapless than the idiots in Washington.

A lot of people are asking, on this anniversary, if the Los Angeles riots could happen again. Let me answer that for you; it is not a question of “if” anymore. It is a question of WHEN. The only unknowns at this time are whether or not the coming riots will be enough to implode the US.

I strongly suspect they will be. What happens from there, is anyone’s guess.

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