As you might remember, just the other day I had this to say about Assmussen Reports, and their “polling” methodologies.

Assmussen regularly adds anywhere from 6% to 40% (yes, 40%. Hawaii, Senatorial election of 2010) to the actual support numbers for Rushpubliscum candidates. In any world but this one, Assmussen would long ago have been written off as a joke.

I was referring, of course, to the Assmussen poll that has Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio in a “dead heat” with absentee Treasurer/complete moron and tool Josh Mandel. Given how horribly hapless Josho the Clown is, I don’t think the Rushpubliscums will be able to save him with even their most creative “voter fraud” laws. It is damn near impossible for this dumbass to be running anywhere near Senator Brown, who has done a damn good job for Ohio and the interests of Ohioans. One really wonders who it was that Assmussen was polling, especially in light of this poll, which came out…. oh…. A COUPLE OF DAYS after the Assmussen one.

“News” outlets who trumpet anything from Assmussen can be assumed to have an agenda they’re trying to push. There is no other reason to reprint or rebroadcast anything from Assmussen.


Incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown has a 10-point lead over Republican rival Josh Mandel in Ohio’s race for the U.S. Senate.

A new survey by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute today shows that Brown is handily beating Mandel on the strength of support from women and independent voters.

The poll shows Brown ahead, 46 percent to 36 percent, but Mandel, the state treasurer, has whittled the lead by three percentage points from Quinnipiac’s Feb. 15 survey showing Brown winning, 48-35.

Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the polling institute, said that Brown’s “margin is made up almost completely of the votes of women” who prefer the Democrat by 17-percentage points over Mandel, 48-31.

“At this point,” Brown said, “Josh Mandel is not very well known and can take some solace in the fact that Brown is not over the magic 50 percent threshold. There are seven months until Election Day, but Mandel needs to show some signs of life if he is going to make the Senate race competitive.”


That depends, actually… Brown does show above 50% in some polls. Brown shows well ahead of Mandel in ALL polls, except for Assmussen.

I suppose Assmussen will continue to try to promote their wonder boy, but I gotta tell you…. they have a hard road ahead of them. Josh isn’t going to make this a cake walk, to say the very least.

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