All of us who function on the level of a first-grader or better already know better than to trust anything that comes out of FOX “News.” That they make shit up out of thin air has been proven so many times by now that I don’t really need to rehash any of it. Nor do I need to remind you that studies have shown that people who watch no news at all are better informed than the FOX “News” consumer-after all, how could you NOT be? FOX “News” will tell you so many lies that you will surely be dumber than you would have had you never flicked the TV switch to “ON.”

But lying is only one of the many specialities of the Murdoch “News” empire. As we’ve learned through the arrests of several high-ranking Murdoch officials in the UK, the Murdoch family of “News” sites is also pretty good at eavesdropping. They have swiped many a voicemail, and illegally listened in on many a conversation.

But, that isn’t ALL the Murdoch media businesses are up to. Children! Just look at what Uncle Rupert’s been caught doing THIS TIME.

And then, someone tell me why these people are licensed to print, or broadcast, ANYWHERE.


Pressure is building in Britain and Australia for fresh probes into Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, already under siege over phone-hacking claims, after allegations that it ran a secret unit that promoted pirating of pay-TV rivals.

The Australian Financial Review on Wednesday alleged that News Corp had used a special unit, Operational Security, set up in the mid-1990s, to sabotage its competitors, reinforcing claims in a BBC Panorama documentary aired earlier this week.

“These are serious allegations, and any allegations of criminal activity should be referred to the AFP (Australian Federal police) for investigation,” a spokeswoman for Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told Reuters.

Operational Security was a unit of News Corp’s secure-encryption subsidiary NDS, which has denied any wrongdoing in relation to the Panorama claims.

News Corp, which this month sold NDS to Cisco Systems for $5 billion, said it accepted those assurances.

Its Australian arm, News Limited, denied the claims in the Australian Financial Review.

“The story is full of factual inaccuracies, flawed references, fanciful conclusions and baseless accusations which have been disproved in overseas courts,” News Limited said.

NDS has faced several lawsuits over alleged piracy: one was dropped and the firm was largely cleared in the others, which News Limited highlighted in its statement.

NDS’s Operational Security unit, staffed by former police and intelligence officers, used hackers to crack the codes of smartcards issued to customers of rival pay-TV services. The hackers then sold black-market smartcards using those codes to give viewers free access to those services, the Review said.

This cost News Corp’s rivals millions of dollars, it added.


Murdoch isn’t a business mogul. He’s a fucking criminal. and by extension, so are every one of his executive underlings. We already knew about Roger Ailes suborning perjury before Rupert’s British underlings got caught eavesdropping. And now, THIS? They can deny all they want to deny, but what has happened so far every time they deny one of these allegations?

We can expect Rupert’s wholly-owned subsidiary, the Rushpubliscum Party, to go the limit to protect his media empire, since they’ve done such a good job of scaring the Geritol set to the polls, over and over again. But those of us in the Really-Real America ought to be outraged, and demand that this organized crime syndicate be brought to the bar of Justice. We should tolerate Rupert’s crimes no more than we tolerated those of Al Capone.

It can, after all, be legitimately argued that Capone was less of a menace to America and American life than Murdoch has been.





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