The common Klanservative knee-jerk reaction to anyone pointing out the dangerous nature of their vile hatred of the President is to claim that “well people said the same things about Bush.” Sure…. even if this were true, it would not excuse it, but that’s how Klanservatives think: if they can drag YOU down to THEIR sub-bottom level, then you can’t complain.

I had, in the 7(+) years that this variation of this blog has been up, exactly ONE commenter who suggested doing actual physical harm to George W. Bush. I scrubbed his comment, blacked his IP address out, and sent him a message warning him that the next attempt to post on my blog would result in his comment being forwarded to the Secret Service. I do not, and will not, ever see the extra-Constitutional removal of an officer of the United States Government as acceptable. We are not (or maybe, we WERE not) the kind of country where an elected official can expect his or her career to end with a coup and a hail of bullets. I believe Bush belongs in a prison cell, but I want him there by the Constitutional route: a trial, where witnesses can present evidence against him, and he has a chance to defend himself against those witnesses. We all learn, and we all benefit, from the system of justice we have, when we allow it to work as it was designed to do.

Clearly, my point of view is not held by a whole bunch of people, especially down in the Klanservative South. The epithet yelled today at a Santorum photo-op is one we’ve heard countless times already, starting in 2008.

To his great credit, Santorum immediately denounced it, which is more than Mama Grifter ever did when it was yelled at HER get-togethers.

But the mentality behind the epithet is all too common, and it will wreck us, if we don’t start strongly denouncing the calls for violence against our elected officials.


WEST MONROE, Louisiana – At a campaign stop at a firing range, while Rick Santorum was firing off some rounds, a woman shouted, “pretend it’s Obama.”

Santorum, who was far from the woman, couldn’t hear the comment as he proceeded with his target practice. Neither could his staffers.

But the yell – the identity of the yeller is not clear, although the words were clearly audible – was in close proximity to journalists traveling with the candidate.

“It’s absurd,” Santorum said of the woman’s outburst when reporters told him about it. “No we’re not pretending it’s anybody but shooting pistols. It’s a very terrible and horrible remark and I’m glad I didn’t hear it.”


I don’t expect much civility from Louisiana, where shooting people who disagree with you is almost an accepted practice. But I’d hope that the rest of us-those of us who live in the “real America” that vicious racists like Mama Grifter never seem to have heard of-might someday get fed up with this violent rhetoric, and start shunning the DNA-deprived scum who spew it.


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