Tara Servatius just can’t understand how her yuk-yuk funny picture could have caused such consternation. Cuz she doesn’t have a racist thought in her pretty little head. Really, she doesn’t. Just ask her.


The image, a crude, digitally manipulated photo, purported to show President Barack Obama in drag, complete with chains and high heels. And between his legs: A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When conservative blogger Tara Servatius of Charlotte found this picture on Google Images, she said it seemed like the perfect illustration for her Monday “Meck Deck” blog on Obama’s decision to speak out against a proposed N.C. constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

But by Thursday, the in-your-face Servatius – a one-time WBT talk show host and Creative Loafing columnist – had resigned amid a storm of controversy, including complaints about the image from the N.C. NAACP and her own bosses at the John Locke Foundation, a conservative N.C. think tank.

In an election year that seems to be raising the country’s temperature by the day, the episode was but the latest involving outrageous images and language – some of them targeting the country’s first African-American president, now seeking a second term.

“Don’t Re-Nig in 2012” read a bumper sticker that lit up Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere just last week.

“Race is an issue that Americans are unable to get over. It’s played a significant part in our history and it continues to be a sensitive topic,” said N.C. State University political scientist Andrew Taylor. “There will be incidents like this and people looking for incidents like this.”

But, added Taylor, the good news is that those putting out such words and images are increasingly “on the margins.”

Last week, Bivins Hollar quickly abandoned his campaign for N.C. Senate in Catawba County after it was discovered that he posted a video in which he casually talked about “shooting” and starving black Africans – and kidnapping the country’s president. Among those criticizing him was the N.C. Democratic Party, under whose banner Hollar had hoped to run.

On Thursday, Servatius told the Observer in a statement that she didn’t mean to offend with her portrayal of Obama, and that she considers fried chicken not a racial stereotype but a symbol of Southern cuisine.

“I was searching for a picture of the president in drag to illustrate his Southern political strategy of courting young voters, a majority of whom support gay marriage,” Servatius said. “Regrettably, I didn’t think about the racial implications of the picture when I posted it. I simply don’t think in those terms. Unfortunately some people do. To me, fried chicken is simply a Southern cuisine. So the picture seemed perfect to illustrate Obama’s Southern strategy.”

Riiiiiight, Tara. And the Confederate battle flag is all about “heritage” too.

But, just for a moment, let us suspend our knowledge of the Klanservative Klanbagging Kochsuckers, and pretend like we want to believe Tara. I’m sure we can find plenty of evidence that she’s never peddled any racism or bigotry in no time at all.

Let’s see… why, right here, I found that she has her own blog on the American “Thinker” site, a place well known for tolerance and racial diversity (not going to link to that piece of shit; if you’re curious, you can find it for yourself.)

Checking further, it seems that Tara hates bicyclists, loves guns (she had the incredibly discredited John Lott on her show to promote the totally false Klanservative “more guns, less crime” lie, see Lott’s lies exposed here,) and she’s a featured speaker (and probably a member) at segregationist/white nationalist League of the South hoe-downs.

Yeah. It’s clear from just a cursory glace at her past writings and ongoing associations that Tara’s no racist. She just really, really likes white people. Like David Duke really, really likes white people.

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