No, the picture you’re seeing is not of a MENSA meeting. The picture is actually one of many taken of Klanbagger “healthscare” mobs, spoon-fed their opinions by FOX “News” and bused courtesy of the Koch brothers to wherever a “town hall” meeting on healthcare reform might be taking place. These people, with the willing connivance of the MSM, have nearly half of all Americans completely befuddled and bamboozled about healthcare reform as enacted, and what it does.

Let’s look at one of the healthscare cretins’ most constant cries. According to the Koch-supplied cretin mobs, HCR would “get between you and your Doctor,” although people have been DYING for years whenever a bean counter at a health insurer determines that someone’s illness is doing too much damage to the bottom line. Putting aside that FACT for a minute, let’s look at the claim. Does HCR cause a layer of GUBMINT bureaucracy to get in-between you and your Doctor?

Perhaps we should ask some Doctors about this. If anyone would know, they would. We can all agree on that, can’t we?


Misinformation is a key reason many are opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act, said Dr. Donald Nguyen, Ohio co-director of Doctors For America, a national group with 15,000 members, including 150 in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas.

“You have to weed through the screamers and the yellers,” the pediatric urologist at Children’s Medical Center of Dayton said following his presentation Sunday at the Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Centerville, which celebrated the second anniversary of the signing of the act March 23, 2010.

Nguyen said the act is packed with consumer protections meant to reform the health care system, making it more accessible and affordable.

“This bullet train is going off a cliff,” he said of the health care cost during his talk. “These things are good for the patients and they are good for the health care providers.”

Nguyen’s speech was part of the One Million Campaign, an endeavor by doctors and medical students to speak to one million Americans about the positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act. There will be about 40 events across the state this week celebrating the act, including a party 4 p.m. Saturday at the Universalist Fellowship.

Dayton Tea Party President Don Birdsall can find nothing positive about the act often called ObamaCare.

The federal government has no business in the health care business and the act takes away individual choice and liberties, he said.

Among other things, it will require Americans to carry health insurance, except in cases of financial hardship, or pay a fine. The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments on the act’s constitutionality.

Birdsall hopes it is reversed.

“If they can tell us to buy health care they can tell us to buy peanut butter,” he said. “Where does it end.”


Of course, Mr. Birdsall would like to see HCR repealed, but we know that Klanbaggers are deadbeats who prefer that YOU pick the tab up for THEIR illnesses, so we can dismiss Mr. Birdshit’s flingings immediately. Mr. Birdshit isn’t a Doctor, and no doubt knows about as much about the health system as I do about neurosurgery. Being deliberately stupid will do that to you.

I think I’ll take the word of the Doctors. I’d imagine you will, too. HCR is far from perfect, and the individual mandate does suck-but we have to have some mechanism from keeping Klanbagger deadbeats like Mr. Birdshit from saddling us with their bills, and the individual mandate is the present prescription.

Hopefully, someday we’ll go to the better formula of Medicare for all. But this is proving to be a positive first step in that direction.





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