How could any thinking med student seriously consider a career in Obstetrics these days?

On one side, Jesusistani Rushpubliscum legislators are trying to make it illegal to even teach abortion procedures (Kansas,) make it a murder charge if you make even the slightest error in judgment if you do perform an abortion (Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, some I’m sure I’m not remembering,) and of course there are always nutjob Jesusistanis out there with high-powered weapons, ready to kill you.

On the other side is what can happen to you for NOT performing abortions.

It seems to me that Obstetrics is damn near a thankless profession.


The parents of a four-year-old Oregon girl with Down syndrome were awarded $2.9 million after doctors misdiagnosed their daughter as not having the condition during a prenatal screening.


Ariel and Deborah Levy of Portland, Ore., filed a “wrongful birth” lawsuit against Legacy Health System, claiming that they would have terminated the pregnancy had they known they would have a special-needs child.


The Levys said the doctors were “negligent in their performance, analysis and reporting” of test results after their child was born as well.


“It’s been difficult for them,” said David K. Miller, the Levy’s lawyer, according to ABC News affiliate KATU. “There’s been a lot of misinformation out there.


“These are parents who love this little girl very, very much,” Miller said. “Their mission since the beginning was to provide for her and that’s what this is all about.”


The $2.9 million will cover the estimated extra lifetime costs of caring for someone with Down syndrome.


After the decision was announced, Legacy Health issued a statement that read, “While Legacy Health has great respect for the judicial process, we are disappointed in today’s verdict. The legal team from Legacy Health will be reviewing the record and considering available options. Given this, we believe that further comment at this point would not be appropriate.”


Seriously….. how do you win in the environment we’ve created for the Obstetrician these days? Giving rich old white men penile enlargements is undoubtedly both more profitable and far less hazardous to your health.

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