The Rushpubliscum Party’s timid refusal to rebuke their fat dope addict leader is a part of this, for sure, but the truth is that the Rushpubliuscum jihad on women was bound to start paying dividends among the female population. And thus, it has come to pass.

In a year when they should have at least polled strongly, the Rushpubliscums seem to be determined, like the Jonestowners, to get that cup of Kool-Aid and lie down. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like them in this country before, and I sincerely hope we never do again.

Mega-Dildoes, Rush. You have worked wonders for MY agenda.


The fragile gains Republicans had been making among female voters have been erased by what in recent weeks has become a national shouting match over reproductive issues, potentially handing President Obama and the Democrats an enormous advantage this fall.

In the 2010 congressional midterm elections, Republican candidates ran evenly with Democrats among women, a break with long-established trends. That was a major reason the GOP regained control of the House.

Now, female voters appear to be swinging back to Democrats.

When the Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey asked last summer which party should control Congress, a slim 46-42 percent plurality of women said it should be the Democrats.

But in a survey released Monday, compiling polling since the beginning of the year, that figure had widened considerably to a 15-point advantage for the Democrats, according to polling by the team of Democratic pollster Peter Hart and Republican Bill McInturff. Fifty-one percent favored Democratic control; only 36 percent wanted to see the Republicans in charge.

Both sides have tried to shape the narrative in this battle for and about women. But many Republicans are beginning to wish they had never waded into what has become a heated conversation over contraception, who should have it and what it says about people who use it.

GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway said Republicans need to return to pocketbook and fiscal issues: “We know what works, and we need to get back to it.”

In focus groups, said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, what women are expressing is not anger at the positions Republicans are taking, but frustration with the amount of attention reproductive issues are getting.

“Particularly among blue-collar women,” she said, “what we hear is, ‘How can you be arguing over this, when Rome is still burning for me and my family?’”

Even the wife of presidential contender Rick Santorum has told him to quit trumpeting his opposition to birth control.

“My advice to him was stop answering the question,” Karen Santorum told CBS News in an interview broadcast Monday. “Tell them, ‘I’m not going to answer this question. Let me tell you what I know about national security. I know a lot about national security.’ ”


OK, Karen, you made me smile. I wish your hubs WOULD talk more about national security, since he and Willard are doing such a good job of it whenever they speak.

But it’s also OK with me if they continue their jihad against women. They are waking women across the country up to the reality that the Rushpubliscum Party sees women as property, with the same (or, probably, lesser) status as a dog.

If you give the Rushpubliscums power in this country, the day may come to pass when it isn’t dogs being carried on the tops of cars in cages.



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