It would seem that Rushpubliscums never tire of finding new ways to make the lives of Police officials difficult.

First, they slash public safety budgets, meaning there are fewer Police available to deal with situations that are dangerous, more and more of the time. But that isn’t enough for the Rushpubliscums; no, they want to make sure that every loon on Earth who ants one can have a gun, or a bunch of guns. Here in Ohio, Scammon Jones pushed a bill to allow loons with guns to get drunk in bars and blast each other, while at the same time she pushed the hateful SB5, designed to gut their medical benefits.

Sadly, that hateful cow Scammon Jones is not the exception when it comes to Rushpubliscums overall. She’s the rule.

Just look at what her cop-hating brethren tried to shove through in Minnesota.


Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed an explosive self-defense bill on Monday, saying the lives of police officers could be at risk if citizens are freer to use their guns when they feel threatened.

The governor rejected the measure, saying Minnesota citizens facing threats already have the legal authority to defend themselves and their families. He also cited strong opposition by organizations representing police officers, chiefs of police and county sheriffs.

“When they strongly oppose a measure because they believe it will increase the dangers to them in the performance of their duties, I cannot support it,” Dayton said in a veto letter to legislative leaders.

Dayton added that, according to federal figures, there are more than 5 million guns in the state, showing that the “Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is properly being supported by lawmakers and law enforcers. …” He said state law and court decisions “already provide the authorizations for law-abiding citizens to use deadly force to defend themselves or others, either inside or outside of their homes, so long as that force constitutes ‘reasonable force.’”

And he noted prosecutors’ concern that the law goes too far in justifying such shootings, allowing “anyone to claim that he or she acted reasonably when using deadly force.”

Dayton also objected to requiring Minnesota to recognize concealed weapons permits from all states, which he said would “allow people to carry guns here under the considerably lower standards for the issuance of permits of some other states.”

The governor waited three days to veto the bill out of respect to the House sponsor, Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Good Thunder.

“It’s a sad day in Minnesota for law enforcement,” said Cornish. He said Dayton’s decision is “mostly the fault of the chiefs and sheriffs and the talking heads, not the rank and file” and he questioned whether those leaders supported gun-owners rights.

The condemnation of the bill from organizations representing police officers, county sheriffs, police chiefs and prosecutors convinced the DFL governor to veto the bill, which had passed with support from Republicans and outstate DFLers. They argued that the bill could endanger officers by emboldening homeowners to “shoot first” into darkened yards and garages where officers might be in pursuit.

“We’re obviously very pleased,” said Dennis Flaherty, executive director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. “The majority of legislators wanted to say, the hell with law enforcement … That was disheartening. Nonetheless I’m pleased the governor is concerned about the lives of police officers.”


I hope these traditionally Rushpubliscum law enforcement officers are learning from the repeated attacks on them, just who it is who wants to aid them, and who it is that wants to throw them to the wolves. Clearly, the Rushpubliscum “jobs plan” has to do with the funeral business, as they make it easier and easier to kill as many cops as your clip can take out. And, of course, your clips are ever-larger, thanks to the Rushpubliscums.

We have seen a sharp rise in violence against Police officials over the last 3 years. We have also seen, simultaneously, a sharp rise in anti-Government rhetoric, and also a big push to loosen up the regulations on gun purchases, all coming from the Rushpubliscum Party.

Is there anyone, anywhere, that would argue that what we’re seeing here isn’t a clear-cut case of cause and effect?


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