It’s remarkable that the MSM seems to know absolutely nothing about who it is the fat dope addict works for. But having this knowledge makes a lot of other things somewhat less remarkable. Things like, for instance, Willard’s steadfast refusal to denounce the fat dope addict’s vile attacks on Sandra Fluke.

You know, back when I ran a warehouse, if something shipped to the wrong address, I took responsibility for it. I went to the meetings, I ate the shit, and I promised to take care of the issue and ensure no repetitions. And the people above me, ultimately, were the ones who went hat in hand to the customer, and ate the shit for the mistake on THAT level. It seems to me that, as the fat dope addict’s employer, Willard ought to be apologizing for what Oxy-Moron has done, and promising that he won’t do it anymore.

Instead, Willard refuses to even so much as denounce the vile attacks. That speaks volumes as to Willard’s fitness to be the Chief Executive.


Talk radio king Rush Limbaugh has emerged as a key defender of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, where — his Republican and Democratic critics charge — layoffs at companies Bain owned should be blamed on Romney.


But Limbaugh has his own tie to the venture capital firm: Bain owns Clear Channel Communications, whose subsidiary inked a $400 million, eight-year syndication deal with Limbaugh in 2008.


Since Bain and another investor bought the company in 2006, Clear Channel has undergone waves of consolidation and layoffs; the most recent set of cuts at local stations was reported just last October.


Limbaugh is, of course, a staunch defender of capitalism in almost any context; his defense of Romney has been in line with his broader views.


His defenses of Romney — and attacks on Romney’s critics — have been heart-felt.


“You could have read this in an Occupy Wall Street flyer,”  he said of the Gingrich campaign’s rhetoric.


“The Newt PAC, I got an idea for you guys,” Limbaugh continued. “Re-cut your ads on Romney and your tagline is, ‘I am Barack Obama, and I approve of this message.’ Put that at the end of your ad. I’m considering what to do about this, folks. I know it’s serious.”


Isn’t that nice? The piggy is a good employee, stepping up for the boss. As well he should; the boss, after all, has put up with a lot of the piggy’s transgressions.

But it seems to me that we all ought to be talking about this by now. And yet, we are not. The MSM, as always, is ignoring yet another Limbaugh story that ought to be the beginner of every broadcast.

Wonder why that is? You don’t reckon the MSM has anointed Romney or something, do you?

As a final thought…. since Limbaugh basically owns the Rushpubliscum Party, by extension….. yep.

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