No, I don’t intend to go over Rush’s well-known “vacation” trip to Puerto Plata. Nor am I going to remind you that Puerto Plata is famous the world over as a great place for rich pedophiles to go to indulge their nasty tastes-especially those pedophiles who prefer boys. I’ve done that enough already, and simply urge you to look into it for yourself, if you have any doubts about the truth of my first two statements.

What I do intend to go over is this: has the “slut” incident finally done what his racism, his illegal drug binges, and his Puerto Plata “tourism” did NOT do? As in, make him too toxic even for the corporate interests who shove him down the throats of millions of unwilling Americans every day?

If it does, it’s sort of ironic, coming on the heels of Breitbart’s death. Two of the most hateful people ever to exist on Earth would have been leveled. Is there something karmic in the air today?

This is getting more and more interesting as it goes along. At the rate the fat dope addict is drawing attention to himself, it could be that even the MSM might be forced to take a peek in his closet. I can only imagine what wonders await us there. Imagination tainted with a good bit of revulsion and fear, of course.

If this is the fat dope addict’s swan song, that will be a blessing. The Rushpubliscum Party might, at long last, actually work on transforming itself into something other than an institution based on racism, misogyny, religious bigotry, and irrational hate. The ugly stain first applied by Nixon, spread by Saint Ronnie, and turned into an overwhelming noxious patch by the fat dope addict may, at long last, be cleaned up.

I doubt it, really: the corporate monolith that is responsible for the fat dope addict have stuck by him too many times for me to believe that THIS time, they’ll finally drop him. But I’m allowed to dream, right?


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