I realize the Rushpubliscum establishment is going to stick voters with Willard no matter what. But moves like these could actually start to demoralize the very people who they need to turn out in November.

Seriously…. why even bother to express a preference, if you express that preference and then they change the rules on you?

Why, if I was a Rushpubliscum voter, I’d sit out this election in protest.


The Santorum campaign just held a conference call to dispute a meeting the Michigan Republican Party held Wednesday night that changed the rules, breaking a delegate tie that awarded 15 delegates each to Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. Two at-large delegates are now allocated to Romney. Now Romney has 16 delegates; Santorum, 14.

Santorum national communications director Hogan Gidley said the meeting was “unannounced” and “behind closed doors.” According to the party’s rules, written Feb. 4, there would be proportional allocation of the two at-large delegates, but that was changed in the meeting to winner-take-all.  Romney had edged out Santorum in the popular vote 41% to 38%, so he got both at-large delegates.

John Yob, who headed up the Santorum campaign’s Michigan strategy, explained that the party voted 4 to 2 to change the rules and he said the four that did vote to change it were Romney supporters, including party chair Bob Schostak, said to be a Romney backer although he hasn’t announced publicly.

“They vote four to two to change the rules that were previously approved to give Mitt Romney a win in his home state, rather than a tie in his home state, essentially because he was being embarrassed by it being a tie,” Yob said.

Ohio Attorney General and former Romney supporter Mike DeWine unleashed on the Romney campaign. “This is a very sad commentary on the Romney campaign that for one delegate they would break the rules and they would risk tearing a state party apart over one delegate,” DeWine said, calling the campaign “desperate.”


I do so hate to admit that Frothy and DeWino are right about any issue, since they normally never are.

But this time, I have to agree with them. Pardon me while I try to sit out this wave of nausea.



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