“Sultan” Rick Snyder and his Rushpubliscum cohorts are all too aware that (1.) they’d never have been elected in Michigan if the eligible electorate had turned out at even a rate of 30%, and (2.) their policies have made a much larger turnout likely in 2012. And, as we all know, if people vote in numbers, Rushpubliscums are sent packing.

So the Sultan and his buddies are taking steps to make sure that doesn’t happen. In the guise of combating a “voter fraud” that no one can find any evidence of, the Sultan’s program amounts to purified Jim Crow, since every restriction the Rushpubliscums are laying down are aimed straight at voters who are hostile to Rushpubliscum goals like giving all wealth to the rich, criminalizing brown people, and turning women into property.

The Rushpubliscum Party is not interested in preserving the American system. In fact, they are now openly hostile to it, and aim to drown it in Grover Norquist’s bathtub. The tricks they’re pulling now are familiar ones: they were used throughout the South after the Civil War, not to mention by the Nazis in Germany, and Stalin in the USSR. People need to understand that after they get rid of the ballots, they get out the bullets.

Each and every time.


Getting your ballot may soon be like playing a game of 20 questions. The state Senate has already ordered up the first one — “Are you a U.S. citizen?” — in legislation it passed last week. Under the guise of preventing voter fraud (of which documented cases are as rare as moderate Republicans these days) the Legislature is in the process of adding more steps to the voting process.

The package of bills passed by the Senate includes the citizenship question for all potential voters, whether they are filling out an application to vote in person or by absentee ballot. It also has a provision that people who pick up absentee ballots at their clerk’s office would have to show photo ID, as voters who go to the polls already must. That would leave only voters who request a ballot by mail exempt from the photo ID requirement — but who knows how long it will be before Republicans suspect senior citizens who want to vote by mail of fraud, too?

In an era when low turnout is a major concern for where democracy in America is headed, Republicans see a bogeyman behind nearly every application to vote — even every registration request.

The most destructive part of this package of bills, in fact, affects groups that register voters in advance of elections. Those groups would have to sign up with the secretary of state, send at least one official from their group for an as-yet-undetermined training session, and sign a statement acknowledging the penalties for false registrations. It would be a felony to pay people working in voter registration drives by the number of registrations they turn in. Even groups with sterling reputations for registration outreach, like the League of Women Voters, are leery of running voter registration drives under the proposed rules.


The saddest aspect of this is that so many Americans, who have been afforded a pretty good life in this country, wholeheartedly support the disenfranchisement of everyone else. The “Lamest Generation” of boomers are responsible for just about every ill the country faces now, and it looks like they have no intention of stopping until everyone EXCEPT them has no home, no job, and no rights.

Never in the history of any country, has a greedier, more ignorant, or more hateful bunch of people been produced. I don’t think that there can be any healing until these bastards are driven from politics for good.

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