Since Michael was at T.C.s on Drag Night, I thought a commemerative illustration was in order.

How do you explain video of yourself inside a gay bar, when you are a noted right-wing homophobe who happens to be married to a woman?

The answer appears to be: you don’t. You go on a jihad against the dirty librul media, and hope that it’s going to be enough to distract your worshipers. And it’s probably a winning strategy, because you have a pretty good idea of how smart your audience is. They’ll be parroting you in no time at all.


Houston radio host Michael Berry spoke out against allegations that he was involved in a hit-and-run accident outside of a gay night club, slamming the media and saying he has been treated like “a member of Al Qaeda.”

Berry opened his KTRH radio show about the topic this morning and said the allegations against him were overblown and inaccurate. He said  KPRC Local 2 reported the story last Wednesday to help boost its ratings during sweeps week.

“Was it a cover up?” Berry questioned. “No, it was a smear campaign. Channel 2, I’ve got my sights on you… You can smear my name without me but I’m not going down without a fight.”

Berry, who served as a city council member in Houston, was accused last week of allegedly being involved in a hit-and-run outside of a gay night club on Jan. 31. Berry has not been charged in the incident.

He did not go into specifics about the allegations on his morning show, because he said it’s a potential legal proceeding.  He said he has cooperated with police.

Berry declined to comment about the incident with the Chronicle and several other news organizations.

During his radio show, Berry accused media outlets of using unnamed sources to soil his name. The Chronicle reported on Friday that a police source familiar with the investigation said the Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland is expected to order an internal affairs inquiry into the incident.

The source did not want to be identified because the source wasn’t authorized to speak about the matter.

Berry said police felt pressure to probe the case further because of the media reports, and there was a “determination to send him to jail.”  Several media outlets  reported on a video that showed Berry in the gay bar the night of the incident, but Berry said the video only proves he drank a beer and used the restroom.

It didn’t prove that he committed a crime, he said.

Berry railed on the media and defended himself against gay activist groups who called into his program to criticize him. Berry said he has never spoken ill of gay people on his program and has instead spoken out against other conservative talk show hosts that make homophobic comments.


Mr. Berry may not have said unkind things about gay Americans on his radio program (and I don’t know; I don’t get his radio program here, and I doubt I’d listen if I did,) but he might as well get right off the “I never said nuthin’ bad about homos” meme he’s on now. His Twitter account was loaded down with all of that ill that he’s never spoken on the radio. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter that he deleted his account: the Texas Observer grabbed some of those things he’s never said before he had a chance to get rid of his Twitter account.


Berry peddles the usual fear and loathing of liberals, immigrants, minorities, et al. on his three-hour talk show on KTRH and KPRC. He got national attention in 2010 when he said, regarding a mosque near “Ground Zero,” “I hope the mosque isn’t built, and if it is, I hope it’s blown up, and I mean that.”

But he’s also more than your average hatemonger. He’s a notable local figure, a three-term former city councilmember who ran for mayor in 2003 and has a JD from the University of Texas School of Law.

You wouldn’t know it to listen to his show, though. Full of racist and xenophobic tweets, his Twitter account @MichaelBerrySho also indicates that Berry has an active imagination when it comes to homosexuality:

Feb. 5: What Elton John is doing backstage right now would get him beheaded in Saudi Arabia unless the king joined in. #superbowl

Feb. 5: Eli Manning gets sacked more than Barney Frank’s interns

Feb. 3: I’m dying to know when Queen will endorse Mittens, since Adam Lambert has a mancrush on Mr Taxachoosits.

Berry is now the featured “winner” on, which tracks anti-gay public figures who are caught in compromising circumstances.


And it should not go unnoticed by you that Mr. Berry tried to change the entire discussion by saying that he didn’t “commit a crime.” Uh, there is still the little matter of what a homophobic married man was doing at T.C.’s Show Club IN THE FIRST PLACE, isn’t there? Why, if Mr. Berry has nothing to hide, doesn’t he tell his audience what he was doing in there, drinking a beer, on Drag Night?

Mr. Berry has joined Mr. Craig, Mr. Foley, and Ms. Palin in the “Martyred Uhmuhrican Hero Victims” club. Like the aforementioned people, it appears that Mr. Berry has never been wrong, never done wrong, and wouldn’t know wrong if he drove his car into it.

“Personal responsibility” is as alien to these wingers as marital fidelity is.



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