Those of us who are here in Ohio knew this already; we’ve seen Politi”fact” twist itself into a pretzel to try to declare some of Czar Kashitch I’s idiotic mumblings to be “true” or “mostly true.” I have been advising people for awhile to quit using Politi”fact” on their blogs, or advocating it, because there is an apparent bias that shows itself more and more every day.

Well, you know, a lot of people think I’m a hillbilly with a chip on his shoulder. And they might be right. But, as of now, it isn’t just me calling out Politi”fact.”


MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Tuesday once again blasted the fact-checking website PolitiFact.

In January, she accused PolitiFact of undermining the word “fact.

This week, the fact-checking website drew Maddow’s ire after rating Sen. Marc Rubio’s comment that the majority of Americans are conservative as “mostly true.

PolitiFact cited a 2011 Gallup poll, which found 40 percent of Americans described themselves as conservatives, 21 percent described themselves as liberal and 35 percent described themselves as moderate. The website also noted that Gallup has never found that a majority of Americans describe themselves as conservative.

The site was apparently conflating a majority and a plurality — which is not at all uncommon, but technically wrong.

Seriously,” Maddow said. “Claim A, false. Claim B, false. Overall PolitiFact rating, ‘mostly true.’ PolitiFact, please leave the building. Do not bother turning off the lights when you leave. We will need them on to clean up the mess you have left behind you as you are leaving.


So, my brethren of the left, tread lightly when using these clowns to call something a “fact.” Their “facts” are aligning more and more with the “Fair and Balanced” approach of FOX “News.”

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