Back in 2010, “Junket John” Boehner asked, “Where Are The Jobs?!?”

Of course, he usually also has to ask which day of the week it is, and did he lose his wallet when he fell off the barstool, and did Lisbeth get out before the wife got here…. but those are other stories. The story here is that Junket John has had almost 2 YEARS to offer up ANYTHING that might create even ONE job.

Instead, he’s offered up protection for polluters, big cash payouts to the filthy rich, and of course, law after law aimed at relegating women to the status of property. Junket John has fully embraced the most lunatic proposals of his Klanbagger Kaukus when it comes to the broads.

And he’s still at it, even though the November election is now just 9 months away.

While his Kakus makes sure that taxes will go up on all Americans save the filthy rich, Junket John is pissing and moaning about a new rule that practically everyone thinks is a good idea.

Damn, John…. don’t you suspect an awful lot of “conservative” women use birth control? I’ll just bet Lisbeth does, to name one example. How do you think this move will play among them?

The white male is the ONLY constituency this drunk is going to have once he gets done.


Seeking to accentuate a political vulnerability for President Obama, Republican lawmakers on Wednesday intensified pressure on the White House over a controversial new health-care rule that critics say violates religious liberty — vowing to press for legislation to repeal it unless the administration relents.The specter of a legislative showdown over the law mandating coverage of prescription contraceptives threatened to expose divisions among Democrats, with former Virginia governor Timothy M. Kaine, running for Senate in a crucial presidential battleground, becoming the latest Obama ally to criticize the policy even as liberal lawmakers rushed to the president’s defense.

Kaine, a former Democratic National Committee chairman from 2009 to 2011, told radio station WHRV in Hampton Roads that the administration “made a bad decision” in how it crafted the policy, according to a transcript from his campaign.

Two Democratic senators, Robert P. Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have already called on the White House to change the policy, with Manchin slamming it as “un-American” in a letter to Obama.

White House officials, along with dozens of liberal religious leaders and several leading Democratic lawmakers, defended the policy Wednesday, describing it as a crucial protection for women who deserve birth-control coverage no matter where they work. The White House also publicized a support letter signed by 600 doctors and medical students. Nearly two dozen leaders of organizations including Catholics for Choice and the Central Conference of American Rabbis issued a statement saying the policy will “safeguard individual religious liberty” while helping “improve the health of women, their children, and families.”

The rule, enacted last month as part of Obama’s health-care overhaul, requires employers to provide female employees the full range of contraceptive coverage, including birth control, the “morning-after pill” and sterilization services. The measure exempts churches but covers religiously affiliated colleges and hospitals, meaning that many Catholic-run institutions would have to offer plans that church leaders say violate their teachings.

Catholic bishops have been leading the opposition to the rule by distributing letters and other materials to be shared with millions of worshipers.

The issue has exploded as a campaign theme, with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and others accusing Obama of pursuing an anti-religion agenda.


Let’s see….. Tim Kaine. I’ve heard that name before. Wasn’t he the guy who was in charge of the DNC when….. the Klanbaggers captured Congress? Yeah, he’s a GOOOOD one to guide policy.

The people who see this as a “vulnerability” for the President are morons. If I were the President, I would PROUDLY mention this at all my campaign stops. It’s a completely sensible policy that will help millions of lower-income women avoid getting pregnant and giving birth in an era where the economics are decidedly against that sort of an event for far too many of us.

As for Willard? He should probably check his own record on the issue? Manchin? He needs this policy in WV perhaps worse than any of us do. Give them damn pills out like candy, BEFORE the big brother makes his move on sis!

No, this isn’t a vulnerability in any sense. The stupid Jesusistanis can cry about it all they want, but I’m sick to death of Jesusistan dictating public policy. Things didn’t exactly get a whole lot better when we started the “abstinence” bullshit, did they?

The Jesusistanis condemn unwed pregnancy, and then they cry about birth control. It seems to me that maybe their cries should be ignored, since it isn’t very often that they make any sense.

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