Everyone needs to read the Fukushima Diary. It is a chronicle of ordinary Japanese, talking about what is really happening at Fukushima, and the Japanese Government’s attempts to repress the people.

As you can see, it is now a link here. Click on it. Every day. The world needs to know, and understand, how bad this is.

If Fukushima had happened in North Korea, the MSM would be admitting what a lot of us already know: Fukushima is WORSE than Chernobyl. We haven’t even finished the first chapter on this disaster yet. But since Japan isn’t a COMMANIST enemy, the media throughout the “western” world remains silent.

Let’s look at just one of the stories on the Fukushima Diary today.



I’m the owner of the farm in Namie machi, where still 300 cattle are.
I live in 14 km area from Fukushima plants. I heard the explosion twice.
I saw the splashing ash and smoke with my own eyes.
I couldn’t abandon my cattle in the first week,.
On 3/17, I thought my cattle can no longer live long, made up mind going to Tokyo.
I came to Tepco’s head office with campaigner’s car on 3/18. I was the first one to do it in Fukushima.

Everyone, my cattle have no value as product. It’s zero. It’s completely meaningless to exist now.
They have been exposed to radiation, can’t sell them out anymore.
I told Tepco, I will definitely claim for damage.
and, pushing all the risk to self defense force and the Fire and Disaster Management Agency to settle it down, how dare you escape.
I claimed them as crying.

Stop Fukushima plants to die if necessary.
We need someone to die, someone must die to settle it down.

When I left my farm, I left a message,
Save our lives. This is our deadly struggle.

Earthquake, Tsunami, and the nuclear plants to attack us.
Get fully prepared to die if necessary and try to settle it down.
We must fight, how dare you escape.
I still think so.

Now my cattle are deeply contaminated by cesium,
and my body is contaminated as much as them.
In 6 microSv/h, I feed them everyday.

They had a lot of babies.
Because of the lack of crops, and the cold weather,
they are dying one after one.

Spring will come, Summer will come, grass of ranch will grow again, I believe.
I want people to make the best of them for study of radiation exposure, decontamination,
and to have the huge dead rice field come back alive by using my cattle somehow in Futabagun.
I’m now trying to make the government, and The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries develop the project.
I believe my cattle of hope will be useful for the recovery of Fukushima.
No more nuclear power to Fukushima.

However, I know it’s too late.
It’s already bad as Chernobyl.
Our town has gotten Chernobyl in it.
Who’s to blame ?
Who destroyed our life, and our future ?

Burning the rest of my life, I will definitely claim for damage from Tepco and Japanese government.
We won’t let them operate the nuclear plants, won’t let them re-start the nuclear plants.
We can live without nuclear plants. Everyone unite and take action.


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