I know I run into these problems all the time, as I am sure you do. Like so many of us these days, I just have so much money coming in that it’s hard to keep track of, and I’d imagine you might be having the same problem. Well you and I learned an important lesson today: DO NOT use the accountants that Willard and Newt use, or you and I are liable to face the same problems that they are currently facing.

I am heartened to see this, though. Obviously either one of these guys would enter Washington with a deep appreciation of the problems that everyday Americans face. Knowing that these are the people the Rushpubliscums are holding up as top-tier Presidential candidates makes me sleep better at night.

As I’m sure it does for you.


Mitt and Ann Romney failed to list investment income from a Swiss bank account on financial disclosure forms filed last year. Other income was missing from the disclosure documents required of presidential candidates.

At least 20 investment funds in Romney’s blind trusts are either not listed on his disclosure or are at odds with funds listed on Romney’s 2010 tax return. On a trust in Ann Romney’s name, at least one investment fund that is part of Bain Capital’s Sankaty funds carries an “offshore” label.

A Romney spokeswoman said Thursday the adjustments would be trivial and would not alter the overall picture of the Romney’s finances. The former Massachusetts governor has estimated his wealth at as much as $250 million.

The Swiss account was held in Ann Romney’s blind trust. The tax returns show the Romneys made $1,783 in interest income from that account in 2010.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also failed to report income from his 2010 tax return on his financial disclosure. Gingrich will amend his disclosure to show $252,500 in salary from one of his businesses, spokesman R.C. Hammond said Thursday.


An honest mistake. Who among us hasn’t misplaced $250,000.00 from time to time? And of course, that damned GUBMINT is going to just nickel and dime working stiffs like Newt and Willard to DEATH if they don’t get their I’s dotted and their T’s crossed!

I’m quite certain that either one of them would make quick work of fixing the tax laws once they got into the White House. And thank goodness they would! I’m sure that ANY tax code changes they came up with would make it much easier for you and me!

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