As I’ve explained before, people working overseas call centers have a great deal of difficulty with my Barney Fife method of speech, so much so that if I can’t fix something via the Internets, I usually don’t bother buying the product. I have nothing personally against the Indians, Vietnamese, and Filipinos working these centers, it’s simply a matter of piss-poor decisions on the part of those who offshored them. They make it nearly impossible for me to get anything meaningful done, and it isn’t worth the headaches for me to try, more often than not. This trend among greedy American corporations to offshore whether or not the quality of their customer service goes right in the shitter weighs heavily in whether or not I’ll purchase a particular product or service.

That’s why I like the bill now being proposed. If I know who is offshoring support services, I can avoid them. Of course, that’s also why the Indians, understandably, do not like the bill. They dislike it so much that they are going to buy themselves some more Congresscritters to make sure that the bill never gets a fair hearing.

They’ll have no trouble finding the Congresscritters that are for sale. “Junket John” Boehner, for one, has already tried to make it even easier than it is to offshore products and services. Junket John, Mooch, and the rest of the Congressional Rushpubliscums have also done everything in their power to protect the “deferral” rule that lets American vulture capitalists avoid paying taxes on any money made overseas. The Rushpubliscum Party will be, as they always are, ready to help destroy the livelihoods of as many American citizens as they possibly can.


India’s ambassador to the United States Nirupama Rao said that India would work to protect its business interests in the context of a proposed U.S. legislation against outsourcing call centre works to countries, including India. She said India would draw up appropriate strategies after studying the U.S. bill.

The bill, U.S. Call Center and Consumer Protection Act, was tabled in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday by Democrat Congressman Tim Bishop of New York.

Ms. Rao was speaking after addressing the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) here on Thursday on India’s growing trade, political and strategic engagement with the U.S. The programme was hosted by KCCI Ladies’ Forum.

She said that India had not taken away jobs from the U.S. Instead, Indian investments had created 65,000 jobs in the U.S. last year. India-U.S. relations — anchored on business, trade and technological cooperation; peace and development efforts in countries like Afghanisatan and growing defence tie-ups — were at its best phase now. India looked to substantial U.S. investments in building infrastructure in the country. The U.S. is expected to be a major partner for India in finding investments of $1 trillion, over the next decade, in infrastructure here.


Ms. Rao is doing what you’d expect someone to do for their country-she is trying to protect the interests of her people. Never mind that she’s completely and totally full of shit about the supposed “benefits” that American workers have “enjoyed” from offshoring-it isn’t her job to consider that, and she doesn’t. She’s commendable.

However, I have talked to quite a few Indians in informal sessions, where they have admitted to me that they are completely dumbstruck regarding US policies in general, and the Rushpubliscum Party in particular. How, more than one has asked me, do these people continue to get voted back into Government, when they have shown themselves to be hellbent on destroying this country’s economic base?

Indeed, HOW do they keep getting sent back?

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