I “enhanced” this screenshot in August of 2011, but I’m no prophet. I didn’t believe that the complete moron vote was big enough for Michele to share with the likes of Rapture Rick Santorum and Guv Goodhair, because Michele can’t change the fact that she’s a female. Unfortunately for Michele, in the eyes of the very voters she was going after, females don’t need to leave the kitchen, except to head for the delivery room.

And so, it has come to pass. Michele has been sent back to the kitchen by the Iowa Klanbaggers. If she couldn’t prevail in Iowa, she doesn’t stand a chance in hell of prevailing anywhere else.

I’m a little disappointed. Michele has promised that Jesus himself would come and rescue her campaign at the last minute in Iowa. I was looking forward to the Divine appearance. But you know, Jesus wouldn’t dare show up at an Iowa Rushpubliscum caucus if the Biblical descriptions of Jesus are correct. That dark skin and wiry hair ain’t much appreciated by the cousin-humpers. There’d be a lynching for sure, when Jesus started that talk about helping the unfortunate and camels in the eye of needles…


Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday morning that she would drop her GOP presidential bid after a sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday.


“Last night, the people in Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to step aside,” Bachmann told supporters in West Des Moines.



She did not endorse one of her rivals, but said instead that Republicans “must rally” around whoever the party chooses as its “standard-bearer” in the race.

“I’ve been blessed to live a wonderful life and am grateful to have been a part of this presidential campaign,” she said.

It’s really sad, Michele, that policies you have advocated your entire career have comdemned so many others to abject poverty and misery. But hey-you got yours, right? That’s really all that matters to the “Lamest Generation” base of the Got Ours Party.
I did enjoy Michele’s delusional babbling, though. I guess it is fortunate that Rapture Rick has more than ably stepped up to replace her babbling with bullshit that is almost as wack. Still….. I feel like we’ve all lost a clown today. And we need clowns in these trying times.


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