Bad things happen when a bunch of yellow-crotched cowards decide to show the world how tough they are.

In the history of the US, I doubt we ever had a bigger gaggle of cowards at the top of the power structure. We had Chimpy, who couldn’t be bothered to show up for the National Guard slot his daddy swung for him to keep him out of Vietnam. We had Cheney, famous for the five deferments he got because he had “other priorities” and couldn’t be bothered to serve his country. We had Wolfie, who managed to get his own deferment so he could continue to study math at Cornell.

And these three cowards were, as you might expect, complete fucktards when it came to waging a war. Not that it ever bothered any of them; their kind always figured that the dumbasses who went off to war were chumps who weren’t “smart enough” to evade service like THEY were. That was their attitude when they were draft-age young men, and you can bet that their attitudes didn’t change any when they came to the Executive Branch.

Hell….. Cheney said as much.


The war in Iraq is officially over. The costs will go on.


Eight years of dodging improvised explosive devices, repelling insurgent ambushes and quelling sectarian strife already has drained the U.S. of more treasure than any conflict in the nation’s history except World War II.


Even though the last U.S. combat troops have left Iraq, American taxpayers will face decades of additional expenses, from veterans’ health care and disability benefits to interest on the debt accumulated to finance the war.


“Those costs are going to build for years,” said Todd Harrison, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a Washington-based research group.


That burden will come amid growing concern about the federal government’s debt, with cuts to popular programs such as Medicare and to national defense being debated. Spending so far on the war and related interest payments make up about a tenth of the U.S. Treasury’s $10.4 trillion in publicly held debt.


Direct federal spending on the war through 2012 will reach $823 billion, surpassing the $738 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars the U.S. spent on the Vietnam War, the Congressional Research Service estimated in a March 29 report. Only World War II had a higher direct cost, $4.1 trillion, in current dollars.


Not counted in that is the interest of more than $200 billion the federal government has already had to pay on the resulting debt, said Linda Bilmes, a senior lecturer in public finance at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.



Bilmes also estimates the price over the next 40 years of health care and disability compensation for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts will be almost $1 trillion.


“The veterans’ costs in particular will dwarf the other budget costs,” said Bilmes, who was an assistant commerce secretary under President Bill Clinton.


By any measure, the price of the Iraq conflict has far outstripped forecasts by President George W. Bush’s administration as it made the case to go to war. Then-White House budget director Mitch Daniels and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld projected the U.S. would spend $50 billion to $60 billion and said they believed part of that would be defrayed by other countries.


Rumsfeld rejected as “baloney” a September 2002 comment made by Lawrence Lindsey, then director of Bush’s National Economic Council, that the war might require $100 billion to $200 billion in spending. Lindsey was forced out of his position several months later.


Rummy really knows his “baloney,” doesn’t he? He’s a veritable damned factory of baloney.

Thanks to Rummy and the Kowardly Kabal, we’ll be spending money on Iraq for decades. And the people who could least afford it will be toting the note, since Chimpy made sure millionaires will never again be asked to sacrifice anything.

And yet, millions of brain-dead zombies still insist that these pathetic pieces of trash were “leaders.” Right THERE is the baloney.



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