First, they wanted to snuggle up with Michele. Then, they decided to saddle up with Guv Goodhair. After that, they decided Newt was a swell guy.

And none of those first 3 were as bad a choice as Rapture Rick Santorum.

I understand the “Anyone but Willard” frame of mind to a degree, but this takes that concept to a whole new low. What kind of voters are Iowa Rushpubliscums, exactly?

Eh. At least now, we understand Michele, who proudly proclaims her Iowa roots.


In the final hours before Iowans make their choice for the Republican presidential nominee, Rick Santorum has been making some of his final stops here in Iowa’s rural, conservative northwest corner. As he makes the last push to the finish, Santorum is clearly hoping to put himself over the top with a region full of his most fervent supporters.


Even though he has invested more of his time in the state–hosting more than 350 town halls, at least one in each of Iowa’s 99 counties–than any of his competitors, Iowa voters are only coming around to the Santorum cause. The final Des Moines Register poll taken before the caucuses showed Santorum trailing Romney and Ron Paul, but rising fast. There are several reasons why Santorum is just now beginning to resonate here.


First, Iowans have proved themselves to be an indecisive bunch this campaign. The same Des Moines Register poll that confirmed Santorum’s momentum also showed that 41 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers were still open to changing their minds before they vote on Tuesday. Over the course of the campaign, the Register poll has shown Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul at or near the top of the list.


Like crabs in a bucket, every time a 2012 Republican candidate has scrambled above the pack, the others have latched on to the newest leader–with a little help from a more-than-willing news media–and pulled the candidate down again. (Mitt Romney seems to be the only contender able to overcome the law of politics dictating that what goes up must come down.)


(Willard is the anointed candidate by the MSM, so this is less than no surprise. Don’t expect a lot of thoughtful analysis of Willard’s multiple positions on each and every issue.)

It is a little sickening, when you think about it. I remember honorable men like Everett Dirksen, Gerald Ford, Charles Percy, Bill Saxbe….. what in the hell has happened, and how does it ever get fixed?

Where was I? Oh yeah…. why is there all this attention on Iowa anyway, when Iowa is making these kinds of choices for the Presidency? It seems to me that whoever wins Iowa is destined to lose the general election, as shitty as these candidates are.

Oh well. I suppose we’ll have to suffer through the spread of even more Santorum before it’s all over with.

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