I admit, I frequently shop at these places. I know that it’s probably no better morally than shopping at a Mao-Mart, but I don’t like the idea of handing any of my money to the Walton family, and….. the dollar chains are about all that’s left.

When we look at the explosive success of dollar stores in America, we must also look at the stupidity of the Americans who keep voting Rushpubliscum, over and over again. Rushpubliscum economic policies are, in fact, wholly responsible for the driving down of wages and the sharp drop in the American standard of living.

Sure, the MSM tells you every day that it was inevitable, and how we must engage in “free” trade, but that’s all bullshit. The decline in American living standards was deliberately engineered by a few rich people who wanted it all, and the ignorant voters who helped them to achieve it. And make no mistake, the complacency of those noodle-spined dems haven’t helped anything.

They all need to go. We need a brand new start.


Dollar stores now outnumber national chain drug stores, according to a study released Monday by Colliers International.

As of mid-year 2011, the combined store count of the four major dollar store chains – Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and 99 Cents Only – has surpassed that of the three biggest national drugstore chains – Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid, according to Colliers, a commercial real estate research firm.

“The rapid evaporation of wealth (both real and perceived), has profoundly changed the way Americans shop and how they define value,” according to Ann Natunewicz, national manager of U.S. retail research for Colliers. “Dollar stores now serve a larger consumer base, which is fueling unprecedented growth in dollar store leasing and a significant shift in the types of retail space they take.


I want to send Rushpubliscums to a dollar-store standard of living. And if you have the brain power of a night crawler, so do you.

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