We can all sympathize with Roger’s plight. He laid out all that money on what was supposed to be a first-class whore, and then he finds out his whore can’t even do a proper handjob.

So now, Roger’s sitting at the foot of his bed, in the buff, all red-faced and frustrated. He’s angry. He can’t get no, sat-is-fac-tion…

Perhaps Roger can ring up “Diaper Dave” Vitter, and be hooked up with a girl who understands the needs of her clients.


Sarah Palin’s decision to announce that she would not seek the presidency on a talk radio program – as opposed to Fox News – “infuriated” Fox chief Roger Ailes and prompted Ailes to consider pulling Palin from the network, according to New York Magazine.


After flirting with a run for much of 2011, Palin went on conservative radio host Mark Levin’s show in October to say she would not seek the Republican presidential nomination.

The former Alaska governor’s choice of venue was striking in light of the fact that Palin earns $1 million per year as a contributor to Fox News.

A Palin adviser told New York that Palin decided to make the announcement on Levin’s show because she was upset Fox News was regularly showcasing former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove. In October 2010, Rove questioned whether Palin has the “gravitas” to be president, and the two have long had a rocky relationship, with Palin dismissing Rove as a “professional pundit” seeking to “mislead the American public” in August.

Ailes was reportedly livid at Palin’s decision to take the announcement to Levin, a Palin booster, complaining to a Fox executive that he had “paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network.” He was angry enough that he even considered pulling her off the air, according to New York, despite the fact that Palin’s contract runs through 2013 and Fox News would still have to pay her. Palin reportedly apologized after her agent made Ailes’ displeasure known to her.


I find this to be something of an oddity. This guy pays Mama Grifter that kind of money, but he DOESN’T confront her directly? I guess I just don’t understand how the right wing works, or doesn’t work. I do know if I’m paying that kind of cabbage, and my hire doesn’t perform to expectations, he or she will be made miserable for the remainder of their tenure with me. Mama Grifter would be delivering me pizzas, and clowning at my grandkids’ parties.

Not really. I doubt she’s smart enough to do either of those things, actually.

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