Since Guv Goodhair specified members of Congress, he’d be safe from the law as he made his pile rigging the game at the State level.

Still, he couldn’t be more right, and I never saw myself saying that about anything Rick Perry says.

As those who read here know, I have absolutely no use for the corrupt sot “Junket John” Boehner, but I also never had much use for Pelosi. While there are important differences between them in terms of policy, at their roots they’re cut from the same “Lamest Generation” cloth that believes in the benefit of self above all other concerns. I have no trouble at all believing in her corruption.

It’s time to clean House. As long as the “leadership” of either wing of the one-party state remains intact, there isn’t going to be any Change You Can Believe In.


A new video by Rick Perry’s presidential campaign suggests that members of Congress who engage in insider trading should be sent to jail.


“Congress certainly can’t be trusted to watch our money. And now it’s clear they can’t be trusted with theirs,” Perry says in the spot, which was posted to the campaign’s YouTube channel on Monday afternoon. “Any congressman or senator that uses their inside knowledge to profit in the stock market ought to be sent to jail, period. And Congress ought to pass a law that says so right now–no ifs, ands, or buts.”


As in some of his recent TV ads, the video features a close up of Perry’s face, although he appears to be speaking against an out-of-focus outdoor background. In previous ads, he appeared against a plain white backdrop.


The video is in response to a Sunday report on CBS’s 60 Minutes that examined whether members of Congress engage in insider trading by using information from legislation the chambers are working on to guide their investment decisions. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, were among the lawmakers featured in the report; according to 60 Minutes, the two made money off of trades that may have been driven by their knowledge as leaders of Congress.


It’s a cheap political gimmick, sure, but sometimes those gimmicks yield desirable results. I’d love for the Guv to make all other Presidential candidates box themselves in thus.



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