I don’t normally have reason to praise the Klanservative Klanbagging Kochsuckers, but they’ve given me a reason to today.

On the heels of a vicious anti-worker Ohio law that turned Ohio employees into serfs, the Klanbaggers are proving just how much they learned from a turnout that was about 7 in 10 against the law.

I totally support the Klanbaggers’ new initiative, and I’ll even help them get it on the ballot if they ask me. I’ll explain why in a bit.


The group of conservatives and Tea Party activists that won a landslide victory on Tuesday with Ohio’s “healthcare freedom” amendment wants to come back to voters with a new proposal — a “right-to-work” initiative.

Dubbed the “Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment,” the issue would place into the Ohio Constitution a ban on requiring Ohioans to join a union as a condition of employment.

The proposal also follows the decisive defeat in Tuesday’s election of another measure aimed at unions, Issue 2, which was a referendum on Senate Bill 5, the law that aimed to sharply restrict collective bargaining for public employees.

“We defend the freedom of all Ohioans to be free from the forced participation in labor organizations just as a condition of employment,” said Chris Littleton, a spokesman with the Ohio Liberty Council, an umbrella organization of Tea Party groups.

Chris Redfern, head of the Ohio Democratic Party, said during a Statehouse news conference that the amendment would have “draconian impacts on working families” and cause wages to drop.

Supporters of the amendment dropped off petitions Thursday containing 1,621 signatures with the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office. If 1,000 of those signatures are valid, the group would get the green light to begin gathering the 386,000 signatures needed to bring the issue to the ballot.

Littleton said the group hopes to have it on the ballot in November 2012, but acknowledged that gathering enough signatures by the deadline of early July could prove tough for an all-volunteer effort.

Ohioans, HELP your Klanbagger neighbors get this on the ballot in 2012!

I’ve been worried about the coalition that came out to defeat Issue 2 being fractured by the time the 2012 election cycle comes around. This, right here, could be the glue that brings us all together one more time, in a critical election year. For the good of Ohio, we NEED this issue on the ballot in 2012. Especially if it’s on the ballot next to the efforts to repeal Rushpubliscum disenfranchisement of voters and Rushpubliscum attempts to draw Congressional borders that displace roughly a quarter of Ohioans. I think this ballot initiative is wonderful; I might be pushing it myself, had the Klanbaggers not thought it up for me.

If you encounter a Klanbagger pushing this petition, praise him or her. Tell them you admire their dedication. And let’s do what we can to make sure this is a 2012 ballot issue.

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