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Borrowing a page from the Mama Grifter Book of Governance, so-called “conservative” Rushpubliscum Governor Scott Walker can find all kinds of reasons to not use tax money to better the State of Wisconsin-but he has no qualms about using tax revenues to better the lot of Scott Walker.

Given the near-certainty that the FBI is already investigating the Badger State Pharaoh, you’d think he’d want to lay low. But laying low is something a reasonably intelligent person would do, and as we all know, Walker doesn’t fit that description. Without David Koch’s hand up his ass, Walker cannot even find his own ass.

Let’s hope that the long Wisconsin nightmare is over very soon.


Governor Scott Walker’s new “Reforms and Results” website touting the successes of his policies is allegedly a campaign website funded by taxpayers, according to a complaint filed Tuesday by the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

“At Best Inappropriate, At Worst Against the Law”

With Walker facing an “imminent recall,” the website consists of “propaganda” and “cherry-picked facts” designed to help Walker’s reelection, said Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate on a Tuesday conference call. Tate says the law is clear “that state resources are not to be used for political gain.”

He alleged the site bears a strong resemblance to Walker’s campaign website, and seems to echo a call by Wisconsin Republican Party Chair Brad Courtney to spin the “successes” of Walker’s budget repairs. 

Tate also criticized Walker for apparently hiring a new employee to build the website and promote Walker’s policies. “Walker has cut 1,032 jobs, but added a new position in his office,” he said, “hiring a former newscaster tasked with documenting the successes of Walker’s policies.” On October 1, Walker announced the hiring of veteran television newscaster Julie Lund as Deputy Communications Director. Visitors to the “Reforms and Results” website are asked to contact Lund if they “have a story to share about how the Governor’s reforms are getting results.”

Walker’s spokesperson Cullen Werwie said the governor’s office consulted with the state ethics board before launching the website, and the information online had already been included in news releases.

Tate said Governor Walker has “a well-documented history of using taxpayer dollars to further campaign activities,” noting a “self-serving” statewide tour Walker made as Milwaukee County Executive while running for governor.  Tate also referenced what he called the “ever-widening corruption probe” related to an ongoing John Doe ethics investigation connected to the governor’s aides and allies. As CMD has reported, in September, FBI agents raided the home of Walker’s chief lieutenant Cindy Archer. She was the third Walker aide to have her computer seized as part of a suspected investigation into Walker staffers doing campaign-related work on the taxpayer dime. 


I’d love to criticize Wisconsinites now, and yell “WTF WISCONSIN?!?”  But my state elevated Czar Kashitch I to the position of Governor, so I live in a glass house.

I think I’ll just criticize everyone who didn’t come out in November of 2010, and allowed these lumps of waste to get where they got. We must never allow this again.

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