In the netherworld of FOX “News,” no low is too low. These are, after all, the people who thought that Newt and Beck were suitable personalities for television. So it is no surprise that they’ve hired on the disgraced walk-away former Governor of South Carolina, Mark “Values” Sanford, as a contributor.

Some of you will think “Spitzer,” and I would say, “but exactly how long did he disappear for while he was Governor?” So let’s just skip that bullshit entirely.


Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is joining Fox News as a political commentator through the 2012 presidential elections, a Fox Channel spokeswoman confirmed Saturday.

The network spokeswoman told The Associated Press the two-term Republican governor has been hired as a contributor, though she declined to give any details on his pay or when he would start.

Sanford was a rising political star before he vanished from the state for five days in 2009, and reporters were told he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. When he reappeared, the father of four admitted to being in Argentina with a woman he later called his soul mate.

The international affair destroyed his marriage, which ended in divorce, and derailed his once-promising political career, which had included talk of presidential aspirations.

Sanford faced impeachment hearings in 2009 after the state ethics commission looked into his use of state planes, campaign cash and first-class travel stemming from the affair. The GOP-dominated House issued a formal rebuke but did not impeach Sanford, who paid $74,000 in ethics fines and reimbursed the state for the investigation and for travel and personal expenses.


The saddest thing of all, perhaps, is that Sanford was unquestionably both more competent and less corrupt than his replacement. South Carolina is indeed in a sad state of affairs.

As always, boys and girls, IOKIYAR, and Sanford is still very much in the good graces of the same Rushpubliscum Party that celebrates Newt, Diaper Dave, and a host of other perverts and misfits.

Many of who you’ll find every day on….. FOX “News.” Of course.

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