We all have fun criticizing the ignorant mouth-breather Rushpubliscum politicians that spread their stench across the breadth of the South the way that the spray of a skunk will stink up a whole neighborhood. And while criticizing those knuckle-draggers might be a whole lot of fun, we who live north of Dixie shouldn’t get too smug or assured of our own intellectual superiority; if 2010 taught us nothing else, it taught us that the Rushpubliscums up north are every bit as stupid as those who come from the remotest parts of Alabama, or Arizona.

Today, I want to talk about a northern Rushpubliscum who can make people like Tom Coburn sound like reasonable intellectuals in comparison.

Scammon Jones is the Ohio Senator from Warren County. Warren County would be better placed in Mississippi, because the worst things that this country has to offer can be found there; extremes between rich and poor, Bible-thumpers, racism (a lively branch of the Klan operates out of there,) roads and bridges that are crumbling…. all the good things. But most of all, Warren County seems to be an incubator for the dumbest damned knuckle-dragger Rushpubliscums in the whole of the USofA. Worse yet, Warren County voters keep ELECTING the stupid louts. And even among the Warren County stupid louts, Scammon Jones stands out. She had to get herself elected in 2010 by running a “my opponent is SATAN!!!” campaign, because she’s never done anything that anybody can call noteworthy.

As a matter of fact, she’s done only 2 things in her entire political career that can be called “accomplishments.”

Scammon Jones is the author of the “heat in bars” law that means that Ohioans can now go to their favorite watering hole with their favorite Smith and Wesson tucked into their waistbands. It is hard to figure out who thought this idea was good enough to even be discussed by a serious Legislature, but Scammon Jones not only got it discussed, she got it passed. I’m sure that Warren County, with an unemployment rate of over 8%, will be celebrating their Senator’s concern for their well-being.

Oh, and Scammon Jones is the author of SB5, the union-busting bill that we are sure to overturn in November.

Scammon got asked about the hostility to SB5 the other day. Her answers revealed just about all you need to know about her.


“Several years ago, Ohioans showed overwhelming support for a set of statewide ballot issues dealing with election reform, only to turn them down by as much as three-to-one on Election Day.  Public opinion on statewide ballot issues is notoriously unpredictable.

Frankly, I’m just not focused on polling right now.  I’m focused on doing what’s best for the state in the face of an unprecedented fiscal crisis. Our local communities are struggling with record deficits and unsustainable budgets, and we have no choice but to get the cost of government under control.  We need to end the war on the middle class being waged by decades of politicians who keep raising our taxes because they’re too afraid to make tough decisions.”

There are a few problems with her statement. The first problem is that she’s making shit up. She speaks of the ballot initiatives of 2005 which were a set of  reforms that were good ideas (especially the redistricting initiative, which we need badly right now,) but badly written on the ballot, and fought ferociously by Rushpubliscums who claimed that they would lead to “voter fraud.”, The confusing ballot language and the hysterical Rushpubliscum campaign against those initiatives caused voters to vote”no” in large part because they simply did not understand the language. The fact of the matter is that the voting reforms were largely popular, absentee balloting DID pass, and  former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner did an excellent job of interpreting the language, which led to a huge increase in voter participation across Ohio. The election reforms we sought in 2005 are in large part the law of the land today, and we just got enough signatures on petitions to make sure that the Rushpubliscums can’t undo them for this election cycle.

The second part of her statement? First, we have the biggest attacker of the middle class that Ohio has ever seen painting herself as a DEFENDER?!? And just WHEN did she EVER work at doing anything for getting the cost of Government under control? She could start by swearing off her salary (and lush benefit package) of about $65000.00 a year for a part time job. And while she’s at it, she could demand that Czar Kashitch I rescind the HUGE pay increases he gave to his staffers, rather than demand that teachers, police officers, and nurses be squeezed. Since she hasn’t done that, we’re back to the only other thing she’s ever done in Ohio besides trying to cut the throats of Ohio workers-the guns in bars law.

For an idea of how “effective” Scammon Jones is as an Ohio legislator, consider this: this utterly incompetent lump of organic waste is on the Warren County Transportation Improvement District. If you get a chance to come down to Warren County sometime, do so-and note all the potholed back roads and bridges that have simply been closed, rather than repaired. I defy you to find me ANY good that this Goddamned disaster has ever done anyone, save Scammon Jones.

And yet, the knuckle-dragging racist fundies of Warren County keep voting for her. It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. She makes George W. Bush look accomplished.


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