The “Obama Is Stabbing Our Friend Israel In the Back!!!” meme was stupid anyway; the right wingers (and some delusional left wingers) who bought into this seem to think that we must agree, 100% of the time, with a regime that has become more and more Fascist in nature. A regime that is causing HUGE numbers of its own people to turn out in the streets to protest it. If anything, the President hasn’t been assertive ENOUGH in demanding that the Israelis refrain from brutality and return to the ways of civilized nations.

But, you know, my opinion doesn’t account for much. However, this guy’s opinion surely does. Would any moron, right or left, care to argue that Ed Koch isn’t one of the most reliable friends that Israel ever had?

I didn’t think so.


Former Mayor Ed Koch has gone from Obama basher to Obama booster.

Koch was one of the loudest voices in the recent battle to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress, supporting Republican Bob Turner to “send a message” about his dissatisfaction with Obama’s Israel policy.

After an ugly campaign, Turner beat Democrat David Weprin – and now Koch, in his weekly column, says he’s solidly aboard the “Obama Reelection Express.”

“I believe the recent vote in the 9th Congressional District in New York affected in a positive way the policy of the U.S. on the Mideast,” he wrote.

Koch campaigned with Turner and backed him in his battle with Weprin, an Orthodox Jew with relatives in Israel. Both said they were angry with Obama’s having mentioned a possible return to Israel’s 1967 borders.

Koch says he’s pleased with Obama’s stance on the Palestinians’ bid for United Nations membership, urging more talks with Israel before any action is taken. The U.S. vowed to use its Security Council vote to block the Palestinians if necessary.

“What I said earlier was that I thought that President Obama had engaged in hostile actions toward the state of Israel, and I wanted to send him a message not to take the Jewish voters for granted,” he told the Daily News.

“The message was delivered and I noticed that President Obama’s speech at the UN and support of Israel were superb.

“I am very appreciative of the President providing Israel with more military intelligence and military technology than was provided by his predecessor, President [George W.] Bush.

That last line…. that’s the important one. I was well aware of this whilst the right-wing was trying to un-twist its collective panties. I can find a lot of things to bash Obama for, but support for Israel? Nope.

Koch is a contrarian who wanted to deliver a slap in the face. He thinks he did it, and he’s happy. It was a stupid way to deliver that kind of a message, but there’s been a lot of stupid round these parts the last few years.

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