Since Michele first blew into DC from the inbred bailiwick of Minnesota known as the 6th Disrtrict, she has had 10 chiefs of staff. She’s also had 10 press secretaries. Michele Bachmann apparently cannot keep people on her staff for more than 4 or 5 months, even in this economic climate.

Add a couple more to the 20 people we know of who have run screaming from Michele. Sure Rollins says “health” issues have forced him to pull back, but it could very well be that having to deal with this lunatic ditz day in and day out is the root of his “health” problems.

If that is the case, he’s just the latest one she’s made sick. You’d think Michele would want universal healthcare, since COBRA expenses for her office alone must be through the roof by now.


Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign is undergoing significant staffing changes, with campaign manager Ed Rollins taking on a reduced role and deputy campaign manager David Polyansky departing.


Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart confirmed the moves to The Fix. Separately, the campaign announced that Keith Nahigian will serve as interim campaign manager.


Rollins, whose decision to step back was first reported by Politico, told The Fix that he was too old to deal with the grind of the day-to-day campaign.


“I am tired and am concerned about my health,” Rollins said. “Managing a campaign is tough for a young man, and I am 68 and battered by many years of campaign combat.”


Polyansky’s departure at the same time, of course, will raise questions about whether this, in fact, represents a strategic shakeup for a campaign that has taken a back seat in the Republican presidential race since Texas Gov. Rick Perry got into the race. Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll three weeks ago but has struggled to build on that win.


Stewart said the departures don’t constitute a shakeup, but instead a “restructuring.” Rollins will remain with the campaign as a senior advisor.


A Bachmann campaign release late Monday made no mention of Polyansky’s departure.


Rollins said it was his decision to step back.


“It was time to hand it off,” he said. “I love Michele, have come to have great respect for her as a candidate and will continue to help her in anyway she needs.”


The staff changes aren’t the first for Bachmann. Last month, senior adviser Ed Brookover left the campaign to start a super PAC that supports Bachmann.


This is fatal for a multistate campaign. Michele might be able to get by with this and get re-elected in her Congressional district, but she’s only dealing with a half-million or so off-products of cousins there. A national campaign is a whole lot different, and it requires a seasoned, experienced staff to have any chance of success. You can’t continuously drive off your best people and expect to get anywhere.

And Michele is certainly not going to get anywhere. She may have thought so when she bought herself a straw poll win, but she’s about to find out that even she, with her generous GUBMINT payouts for her farmland and her corporate owner/operators, will not be able to buy the number of votes she’ll need to actually win the Rushpubliscum nomination.

Taking that into account, it’s no wonder that she’s turned to the Sisterhood of Corrupt, Incompetent Ditzes to get them to help her out a little.


Texas governor Rick Perry may face a unforeseen challenge in South Carolina: Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Ms. Bachmann, who has slipped in the polls since Mr. Perry’s entry into the 2012 race, reportedly met and dined with South Carolina governor Nikki Haley over the weekend, before staying the night in the governor’s mansion.

Ms. Bachmann latest visit to South Carolina comes just weeks after Ms. Haley appeared with Bachmann at the presidential candidate’s town hall forum in the state. Ms. Haley’s appearance with Ms. Bachmann was unannounced, raising speculation that the South Carolina Republican may seek to endorse Ms. Bachmann ahead of the state’s key Republican presidential primary.


A Haley endorsement could jeopardize the chances of Mr. Perry winning the state, which is widely seen as crucial for the Texas Republican.


Mr. Perry said Monday that he will skip a key Republican presidential forum in South Carolina, noting the need to return to Texas in order to coordinate efforts to battle wildfires that a sweeping across the state.


That said, speaking earlier this year, Ms. Haley expressed support for Mr. Perry, saying the Texas Republican is a “superstar.”


“I think his timing was brilliant. I think [when] you turn around and do this the same day as the Ames, Iowa, poll, you really just let us know that it’s game on time for all the candidates, and I love that,” the South Carolina governor noted.


Will Michele’s sister in ditziness give her a hand? Only time will tell. But I think that America’s other famous ditz, Quitler, may well give Michele a hand very soon. After all, Quitler was saying in Iowa just the other day that Guv Goodhair is corrupt.

Yeah, I know…. I said she’d run, after I said she wouldn’t run. I’m beginning to think that I was right before I was wrong. Kind of like I was right about someone in 2007, and then I was wrong…




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