Michele Bachmann appealed to the core of racist, unintelligent, zealot bigots that constitute the “base” of Rushpubliscum voters who must be reached to win a primary race in America these days. And because of that (and her generous vote purchases,) she won a straw poll in Ames, Iowa.

And then, Guv Goodhair decided he wanted in.

Unfortunately for Michele, that bloc of racist knuckle-draggers she was depending on to win also happens to be decidedly misogynist. The day that a charismatic male lunatic entered the race, Michele was through.

And so, it has come to pass. Much like her husband’s knees, Michele is just about finished in the 2012 election cycle.


As TPM reported Tuesday morning, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) time as a legitimate contender for the GOP presidential nomination could be up, as a new survey from Public Policy Polling (D) shows her the third choice of Republican voters in Iowa, a state essential to her campaign. The new horserace with the full announced GOP field shows Tex. Gov. Rick Perry at the top with 22 percent, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney at 19 percent, Bachmann at 18, and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) at 16 percent.

There’s no way around it — Bachmann’s popularity has taken a huge hit over the last two months, as shown by the PPP numbers. In June, Bachmann enjoyed a favorable/unfavorable rating of 53 – 16. That statistic is now 47 – 35, still positive, but not particularly high considering these are GOP voters. Perry, on the other hand, has gone from relatively unknown (a 21 – 16 favorability rating in June, majority undecided) to well liked, with a 56 – 24 rating. Paul has increased his favorability rating by 11 points over that time, and Romney has dropped slightly over the last two months.

In a three way race between Bachmann, Perry and Romney, the Minnesota Rep. comes in third again, at 24 percent, behind Perry at 34 and Romney at 28. This adheres to other evidence that Bachmann is sinking within the field, as last week saw the release of a Rasmussen national survey of GOP voters, in which Perry charged to the top at 29 percent and Bachmann was relegated to third at 13.

Beyond the GOP presidential race, the poll showed some interesting facets of the GOP base in Iowa. PPP asked two simple questions: “Do you believe in global warming or not?” and ” Do you believe in evolution or not?” Global warming was only believed by 21 percent of respondents, against 66 percent, who do not. Evolution was believed by 35 percent of those polled, versus 48 percent. Only a near majority, 48 percent, think that President Obama was born in the US.

It seems that Perry, who called both man-made global warming and evolution into question during his first week of campaigning, has found some likeminded voters in Iowa.


Poor Michele. If only she was male, or had a husband who was male to put up as a front. Alas, it shall never be.

That is, it shall never be anything more than entertainment. I can hardly wait to see how Michele tries to woo the biological off-products of brother and sister back into the fold. I’m thinking she’s going to try being extra-special nutty for however long she remains in the race.

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