Excellence in Blogging Excellence in Blogging

The always-informative Canadian blog Another Point of View AND the “participatory democracy” we know as Let’s Talk About It have awarded us with the 2nd and 3rd Excellent Blogger Awards. No one should think that I have no ego; every time I get one of these, I smile so wide my cheeks hurt the next day. These individual blogger awards are by far a more accurate gauge of the blogosphere than the stuff the cool kids are getting. I said so, so you know it must be the truth :)

We are again obligated to pick ten, twice over. Since I have 20 of them to pick this time, I’ll limit my usual commentary so that you can skip my normal long-windedness and head straight for 20 most deserving reads.

1. From The Left. Very focused on the election at the moment, and still informative when it comes to the crimes and incompetence of the Reign of Error.

2. I Wish I Were in Paris. Commonsensical view of the world.

3. DizzyDayz. Soulmate of a Sergeant, she writes with the kind of concern that I wish we all had for the soldiers we dumped in the desert for no reason.

4. Deep Confusion. Short, to the point, and always informative.

5. Hillbilly Report. This blog and blogger are waging total war on Kentucky’s corrupt and useless Gopper politicians.

6. Jon Swift. The blogosphere’s Stephen Colbert. “Conservative” politics that hits the spot.

7. Mad Mike’s America. Often done from the perspective of dogs who hate (moronic) monkeys.

8. neo-resistance. Do you want an Iranian point of view? Here you go then.

9. Mock, Paper, Scissors. One of my favorites, mainly because of the visual aids :)

10. Preserve, Protect, and Defend. Nicely done deciphering of political bullshit-speak on a daily basis.

11. Silly Humans. A profound understanding of the real story of today’s American politics can be found here.

12. Stone Soup Musings. Michigan-focused, but with excellent commentary about happenings on a national scale as well.

13. The Vigil. Angry about the colluders and the deluded.

14. The Divine Democrat. She took a hiatus, but she’s back, and we’re glad of it.

15. Pissed on Politics. We cover the same beat a lot of the time, but Polishifter covers it so well.

16. Chowrangi. A blog about Pakistan, written by Pakistanis. Without a doubt a great place to get a “feel” for Pakistani public opinion.

17. Some Notes on Living. Often focused on human rights, for ALL humans.

18. On The Homefront. Listen to what this Texas military mom has to say.

19. The Katrinacrat Blog is a multiblog, coming to us from the site of Chimpy’s al-Qaeda like attack on America.

20. mccs1977. Frederick also likes the visual aids.

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