Maybe some of you were around back when I had 20 or so people a day reading this rag. I called it “The Progressive Re-Blog.” Begun in 2003, it was my attempt to make someone, somewhere, aware of what I thought about the moronic monkey and his disastrous policies.

And then, the monkey got re-elected (thanks so much, Ken Blackwell.) I got mad and wiped the blog out.

But I couldn’t stay away. I liked having some place to scream about Rushpubliscum stupidity. So I immediately revived it, and renamed it Reconstitution. I didn’t like my first re-introductory post, and I deleted THAT, too. But I put a post out on the 8th of November in 2004 talking about Ohio election shenanigans, and Reconstitution was online.

The post I did next, I did on the 11th of November. Technically, it was the 3rd post, but it shows up as the 2nd one. You can see it here (username archive, password archives.) All of the archived posts from 2004-2007 are here.

But today, I want to look at that third post. I could talk about how telling it was, but you know…. any fool could see what was coming.


A half trillion budget deficit.

A half trillion current-account (trade) deficit.

No sign that the situation will be improving-if anything, 4 more years of Bush guarantees it will get worse.

And now, China appears to be ready to get rid of the half trillion worth of dollars it holds.

The time has come to go through your house, and figure out which room will look good wallpapered with dollar bills, because they will soon be cheaper to use than the stuff you could buy in stores.

A bit of an exaggeration, but that’s where we’re headed.


Short, sweet, and accurate. I honestly don’t know why it took this long for someone to decide that the US wasn’t a stellar bet. I also don’t know why China is whining now about the debt they hold, since they have been resolute backers of Rushpubliscum policies. They know, as I know, that if the debt had been cut off, a whole bunch of the Chinese economy wouldn’t exist.

And a whole lot of our economy WOULD still exist.

Thanks a lot, Rushpubliscums, for wrecking us. Economically, fiscally, and society-wise. But the Rushpubliscums couldn’t have done it without the willing participation of the boomers of the “Lamest Generation,” who have been voting to kick the debts THEY ran up down the road since the Saint Ronnie era. It’s amazing, the amount of damage that greed, selfishness, and racism have done us.

Yes, while they waved those Made In China Flags and stuck those stupid yellow magnets on their cars, they also condemned us to the status of third-world hellhole. My contempt for the Lamers knows no end.

Unfortunately, the damage that they’ve done, and continue to do, also seems endless.

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