I’m not sure what people thought was going to happen. Did Rushpubliscum voters really believe that the Klanbagger-heavy Rushpubliscum Congress was going to accomplish anything? Did those who sat on their hands really believe that things wouldn’t get worse once the House of Representatives was full of idiots being led by a drunk?

And yes, they are idiots. Painfully stupid. That isn’t a partisan shot; it’s the flat-out truth. These dumb sons of siblings actually believed their own bullshit about defaulting on the national debt being no big deal. Now of course, sometimes a situation where stupid people are gumming up the works can be smoothed out somewhat by competent leadership at the helm, but I’ve never known of a case where blind-drunk leadership ever made a situation better.

Americans hate their Congress, probably enough to flip it again. Right now. But let us remember that between now and November of 2012, the mainstream media is going to be working overtime to make us all forget about just how stupid these louts are.

Like they are STILL working hard to convince us that the so-called “tea party” is a spontaneous, grassroots movement.


Americans have looked disapprovingly at their representatives in Congress for decades. But it’s never been this bad.


In the wake of the hard-fought debt limit debate, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds that 82 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job – the highest disapproval rating since polling began in 1977. Just 14 percent approve of Congress’ performance.


The uptick in frustration comes after Congress narrowly avoided an economic catastrophe of its own making by failing to hammer out a deal to raise the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit until the deadline for action. And neither side was happy with the outcome: Conservatives said the final deal, which is projected to cut around $2.5 trillion over ten years from a projected $24 trillion debt, didn’t go far enough; liberals complained that the initial deficit reduction came entirely in the form of spending cuts, not revenue increases as Democrats initially demanded.


Meanwhile, the stock market has plummeted in the wake of the deal, dropping more than 500 points Thursday.

The survey, taken on August 2nd and 3rd – immediately after the deal was reached – found Americans more frustrated with congressional Republicans than their Democratic counterparts when it came to the negotiations.

That’s not to say congressional Democrats have much to crow about. Sixty-six percent of Americans disapprove of their handling of the debt ceiling debate; just 28 percent approve.

But Republicans fare worse: Seventy-two percent of Americans disapprove of their performance during the debt ceiling debate, while just 21 percent approve.

And Republicans get most of the blame for the standoff. Forty-seven percent blame Republicans in Congress, while 29 percent blame President Obama and congressional Democrats; 20 percent say both are to blame.

A majority of Americans – 52 percent – says Republicans in Congress compromised too little in the debate. Fewer – 34 percent – say Democrats, including President Obama, compromised too little. Republicans were more likely to think members of their party compromised too little (34 percent) than to say they compromised too much (26 percent).


I would really like to meet anyone who believes that Obama didn’t compromise enough. I’m not sure how a 99% capitulation wouldn’t be enough for anyone, save a Nazi.

Yeah, I went there. Godwin’s Law be damned.


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