First, let’s deal with the stupid Klanbaggers, and anyone else who bought into the MSM-fanned hype about how dangerous our long-term obligations are.

Two words: utter bullshit. For the idiotic Klanbaggers who think that GUBMINT should be “run like a business,” I say to you: look at the balance sheets of just about ANY megacorporation. Assets vs. debts. When you see how much our corporate titans borrow in comparison to what they produce, you’ll come away thinking that the Federal Government must be one of the most efficient institutions ever to exist. We weren’t in trouble, and we certainly AREN’T in trouble. Will we be, eventually? Sure we will, in 40 or 50 years down the road, IF we don’t change a thing from the way things are done today. And any of you idiots who think that the Federal budget can be leveled out purely through slashing entitlements are too stupid to talk to. So let me dismiss you now, before I have to pull out the facts, which none of you care much for to begin with.


Secondly, I want to address the apologists for President Bushack HW Obama. I want you to stop dwelling on the bullshit he’s fed you about how he just HAS to constantly capitulate to the right wing, because if he didn’t, things would just be SO much worse. I ask you: please, show me how. Bushack HW Obama has thrown us to the wolves so many times now that the wolves are howling with indigestion. He did it with healthcare “reform,” he did it with the goodie bag for the rich, and now he’s done it again with Social Security and Medicare. Understand that it was HE who suggested that these programs be cut. He may try to hide behind Junket John Boehner’s “Super Commission,” but those of us who have been paying attention won’t be bowled over by this bogus fig leaf. The simple fact of the matter is that as President, Bushack HW Obama has been every bit as anxious to hand wealth to the rich as Chimpy was, and every bit as reluctant to stop playing with his toy soldiers in the Situation Room. I know that some of you will be upset by the harshness of my tone, and some of you will stop reading here, and I’m sorry about that. But the facts are the facts. I have come to the sad conclusion that Hill, who ticks rightwards herself, would have been nowhere near as bad as this clown has been.

Back when Bushack ruled out any kind of public option for healthcare, I ruled out supporting him in 2012. After he handed the money bags to the rich yet AGAIN, I changed the name of this blog to Plutocrap, and promised that I wouldn’t vote for him either. I have to tell you…. this budget deal hasn’t exactly turned me into one of his ardent supporters. While I wouldn’t be so shortsighted as to vote for a Rushpubliscum candidate for ANY office, I’d certainly love to see someone challenge this clown for the nomination. He might have gotten Wall Street to pony up the big cash for him, but I don’t think his war chest could save him if someone wanted to run against him by doing nothing more than pointing to what he’s done as President.

Maybe Bushack can go find some votes among those virulent racist religions wack jobs he seems so hellbent on placating. He sure seems to think that if he just keeps handing them whatever they want, they’ll eventually see the light and line up behind him.

But the rest of us won’t. So…. good luck with that.


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