The drunken moron in the position of Speaker of the House, Junket John Boehner, has gotten President Night Crawler to give him everything the Rushpubliscums wanted, and more. In so doing, Boehner has managed to get a deep wedge driven in-between the President and his suipposed voter base.

And yet, for the drunken dick, this isn’t enough. Boehner (rather, Boehner’s handlers from the Klanbagger Klanservative Kaukus) thinks up some new demand every time the President capitulates to whatever his last demand was. And more and more people are becoming aware of what it is he’s doing, or rather, what he is NOT doing.

What he isn’t doing is articulating anything that makes any sense. That’s partially because, he, himself, doesn’t have any sense. But it’s also because the Rushpubliscums and their Klanbagger Kaukus simply do not have any coherent agenda. They ran in 2010 screaming about JOBS!!!, but their message even then was “trust us. We can fix it.” Since then, they’ve flown in the face of American public opinion on just about every subject-not to mention their very naked attempts to relegate women to the status of livestock, and their equally-naked attempts to disenfranchise any voter who is a shade darker than a bar of Ivory soap.

Why don’t they have a coherent platform, then?

I think I hear some of those “last throes” Deferment Dick used to talk about.

The Rushpubliscum Party is unlikely to be able to recover from what they’ve pulled this time even if the Federal Government doesn’t go into default. And if the Federal Government DOES go into default, Junket John will have to ask for political asylum in the Confederacy, because he’ll be mud in the Midwest. He can hang out down in Kentucky with Mooch McConnell and Kland Paul.

But, something even more important may now be happening. I think that maybe, at long last, a wide breadth of us “get it.”

There are still those who blindly follow whatever the party line of the day is-Dog knows they’ve been kicking me off their Facebook friends’ lists lately. But there are more and more people who are asking the same questions I’ve been asking for years. Questions like, where is that Change I Can Believe In? Why does this President that I voted for turn his back on me, over and over again? Why did he allow the rich to continue to rape us-a condition that led us DIRECTLY to where we find ourselves right now?

It may be that, at long last, a broad majority of us now recognize that neither of the supposed 2 major political parties gives a damn about America, or Americans. By all appearances, we have a guy in the White House who is more interested in self-aggrandizement than any other single thing, and in the Congress are people who never worked a day in their lives. People like Junket John, and Cantor. There is no way in hell a guy who never set foot on a factory floor, or spent any time in a cube farm, is going to have a clue about the challenges I face in my everyday life. And my President, the former community organizer, is apparently only good at organizing-as far as actually taking the helm and leading us somewhere, forget it. He started delegating issues to Congress the day he got sworn in, and his delegation of the details led us to healthcare “reform” that amounts to a bonanza for health insurers. It also led us to a “stimulus” that contained a huge bag of goodies for the rich, who were doing quite well without it.

The political apparatus as it exists stands for nothing but self-perpetuation. If we actually get to the 2012 election cycle, it is my fervent hope that Americans will remember how impotent, how directionless, and how incoherent our entire Federal Government is. If people remember the lessons that they’re being taught right now, it may be that we can actually go a different direction, and start listening to people because they have decent ideas, instead of because they’re not “the other” people.

It seems to me that maybe, just maybe, someone with an independent path might be able to strike a big blow to this foundering Plutocracy. If there are any with the fortitude to try.

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